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How to turn off gifts on Bilibili ipad?

On the Bilibili iPad client side, the specific steps to turn off the gift function are as follows:

how to send a ipad as gift through mail

Open the Bilibili App: Open the Bilibili (Bilibili) app on the iPad.

Login Account: If you are not logged in to your account, please log in to your Bilibili account.

Enter the live stream: Enter the live stream where you want to turn off the gift function.

Click “More”: At the bottom of the live stream interface, you can see an option “More” (or similar name), click it.

Enter Settings: In the pop-up options, there may be a “Settings” option, click to enter the settings interface.

Turn off the gift function: In the settings interface, there may be a “Gift Settings” or similar option. After entering, you can choose to turn off the gift function.

The interface and options of Bilibili may be different, and the specific steps may change due to the version update.

What is a Xiaopeng test drive gift?

Xiaopeng test drive gift is a kind of rights reward, which refers to the gift reward obtained by participating in the test drive activity or meeting certain conditions in the official activities of XPeng Motors.

Gifts can be XPeng Motors-related peripheral products, cash back coupons, coupons, etc. The distribution of these gifts is designed to improve consumers’ brand stickiness, attract more potential customers to join Xiaopeng’s family, increase the brand’s reputation and reputation, and also bring certain benefits to consumers. In general, Xiaopeng test drive gifts are part of XPeng Motors branding, which aims to provide consumers with a better experience and brand services.

Can I get headphones for buying ipadpro in May with educational discounts?

1. You can get headphones 2. Because in May, the event of buying iPadPro with educational discounts usually comes with some additional gifts, which may include headphones. 3. In addition, you can also enjoy certain discounts on the purchase of iPadPro with educational discounts, so buying iPadPro in May is a good choice to get headphones and price discounts.

What small gifts will be given at the Shanghai International Power Equipment Exhibition?

Anyone who pre-registers to visit will have the opportunity to win gifts such as ipad9, Konka Home Theater, Mofei Wall Breaker, Diplomat Luggage, 100 yuan card, etc. Note that it is a lottery, not everyone has it.

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