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How to use Google to send emails?

You can use Google’s Gmail mailbox to send emails. You can use Google’s Gmail to send emails. Gmail is an email service launched by Google, and users can send and receive emails through their Gmail account. Here is a brief introduction to how to send emails on Gmail. First, after logging in to your Gmail account, click the “Write” button in the upper left corner to enter the email composing page. Enter the other party’s email address in the recipient, fill in the subject of the email, and then enter the email content in the body of the email. Finally, click the “Send” button in the upper right corner to send the email. It should be noted that the sending of the email may require entering a verification code or verification to ensure the identity of the sender.

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Can Gmail send in groups?

Yes, Gmail provides the ability to send emails in groups. You can add a group of recipients to the recipient field of the message using Gmail’s group function or import contacts, and then send them a group email.

Here is a simple step to send emails in groups:

1. Log in to your Gmail account.

2. In the upper left corner above the Gmail home page, click the compose button to create a new email.

3. In the recipient column, enter the name of the group you want to send the email to or directly enter the email address.

Note: If you haven’t created a group yet, you can click the group icon to add a new group.

4. Enter the subject and content of the email.

5. Add attachments (if needed).

6. Finally, click the Send button to send a group email.

Remember, when sending a group email, to comply with relevant email norms and laws to ensure that your email will not be considered email spam or abuse. At the same time, try to avoid adding a large number of recipients to the same email to avoid being identified as email spam by Gmail or other mail service providers.

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