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How to use the Sephora Silk Enjoy Card?

How to use:

how to send an e gift card sephora

1. If you have never spent at Sephora, you can search for “Sephora” on WeChat to register a member powder card for free. You can receive some preferential information and more.

2. After any consumption, the powder card will be upgraded to a white card. Activate the card and get a 10% discount coupon for subsequent use. You can accumulate points by spending in the future, and spending 1 yuan = 1 point.

3. When the subsequent consumption reaches 1500, you can upgrade to a black card. Enjoy the black card membership treatment and have a lot of VIP benefits. For example, members’ birthday gifts (heart-shaped bracelets in cooperation with Swarovski will be given in 2020), beauty services (free offline makeup design)

4, and then the drunk cream level is a gold card, and you need to accumulate 12,000 points within one year. Gift coupons and discounts are better and more powerful.

5. All points can be exchanged offline for samples, according to the number of points required.

How can I use a friend’s Sephora gold card?

Sephora is a large cosmetics chain store in a global chain. It has a complete range of products, including cosmetics, skin care products, perfumes, and skin care products. Sephora adopts a membership system, and members will have certain discounts. Sephora’s membership card can generally be borrowed, and you can directly report the membership card number or mobile phone number.

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