Birthday gifts

I can’t congratulate my friends on their wedding. I want to give them some special gifts. What should I give them?

1. Red envelopes.

send gift if not going to wedding

In fact, this is what most people think of, because if you get married, red envelopes are definitely indispensable. So, if you really have no clue or no time to pick a gift, giving a red envelope is a relatively safe gift. It will not offend the other party, but also save a lot of time and energy.

2. Bedding.

Since their relatives are about to get married, the bed they slept in before must be changed. First, it means that they are about to start a new life. Second, this item is more intimate, and it is given by someone who is more familiar, which is more meaningful.

3. Home appliances.

In fact, if many people get married, they buy a new house and decorate it before marriage, so you can start with their new house when you give gifts. If you feel that their new house is missing something, you can show your heart and give them some furniture and appliances. It not only reflects your heart, but also saves them money, and everyone is happy.

4. Skin care products.

If you are a relative or friend of the woman, then your gifts must be specially prepared for the other party, so you don’t have to think about how to give gifts that make both of them happy. Because if the woman is happy, the man will definitely be happy too. Therefore, you can give the girl a set of skin care products of her favorite brand, so that the girl will not forget to dress up after marriage.

5. Doll ornaments.

If you want to give them two gifts, but don’t know what to give, you can consider sending a pair or a suitable wedding doll ornament. It can not only be used at the wedding, but also can be used as an ornament at home later. This is also a good choice.

6. Pajamas.

If you get married, couples always need some fun, so as their good friends and sisters, you can help them create some opportunities. At this time, it is more appropriate to give them a set of couple pajamas. Anyway, they are already a couple, so they are not afraid of showing love.

7. Tableware.

If your relatives like to be more at home, then you can send them some exquisite tableware. How to say, when they see something beautiful, they will be more interested in cooking, and they can also bring others a good feeling. Compared with Chinese tableware, they are more inclined to send Western tableware, which seems to be more romantic.

Giving gifts to relatives for marriage is not actually about the price of the gift or the level of the grade, but mainly to see your gift-giving intentions.

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