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I met a foreign friend who said he wanted to send me a gift and gave him the address without thinking much…

I think that making friends online, especially friends of the opposite sex, is the most unreliable thing. If you can accept gifts from others, it means that you have been in contact online for a period of time. Accepting gifts means that you have accepted this friend. I advise you that there are also good people and true feelings online, but the chances are very low. Be careful to make friends with netizens. If you have hesitated, the gift will be rejected, and the goods will not be accepted, and it will be returned to the place of origin. There is nothing difficult to solve. If the cost is not very large, you can also pay to accept gifts.

internet pals send gifts in post

I am a boy, I met a female friend online, and they gave me a gift, do you accept it?

Then it depends on how the relationship between you is, and it depends on what he gives you. Generally, if you have a good relationship or relatives, you can take it, otherwise it will be very outsider, and people will feel uncomfortable, but the gift is reciprocal. You can give him something in the future, so that the relationship will be more harmonious and closer. Remember that the close relationship cannot come and go, but if the relationship is very ordinary, then you have to consider why he gave you something. If he has other plans, you have to consider it. If it is within your ability and not against the law, you can consider it yourself. If it is, refuse it!

Suddenly someone sends you something?

If someone suddenly sends you something, first check the identity of the person and the item sent, and confirm that it is a safe behavior. If you don’t know the person in advance, are unsure of his identity and motives, or the item sent makes you feel uneasy, then you can refuse to accept the item and report it to the police or relevant management personnel in time to ensure your own safety.

If you confirm that the person is your friend or real-world friend, and the item sent is safe and legal, then you can receive the item, and then thank the sender or ask him why he sent you the item. When receiving items, pay attention to carefully check the packaging and labels of the items to ensure that there are no problems or abnormalities.

In short, any sudden behavior requires us to be vigilant and calm, and treat it with caution, so as not to cause danger and trouble to ourselves and others.

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