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If the customer pays with PayPal, is it possible to withdraw the funds even if they arrive?

For your question, it may be clearer to say: 1: For credit card payment, whether it is the way of PayPal payment for goods or the way of instant arrival (gift payment), the payment may be withdrawn (PayPal has security monitoring for goods payment, which is generally 1/6 of the normal credit card rejection rate. That is to say, if the general credit card payment is 10,000 people and 6 people refuse to pay, then PayPal can control it within 1 person, and there are not many cases of rejection.

paypal send money as gift or goods

For gift payment, there may be 6 people who refuse to pay. 2. PayPal has a buyer protection policy for payment of goods. If you are not an eBay seller, you are not subject to the seller protection policy. If the customer complains, PayPal will mostly favor the buyer, and the money will be returned.

How does etsy pay the listing fee?

Login to Etsy account: First, you need to log in to your Etsy account and enter the seller center page.

Enter the listing page: On the seller center page, select the “Listing” option to enter the listing page.

Select the listing method: On the listing page, select the product to be listed, and then select the listing method, including standard listing and advanced listing.

Payment Fee: After selecting the publication method, the system will automatically calculate the corresponding publication fee, and then select the payment method. You can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

It should be noted that Etsy’s publication fee will vary according to factors such as different publication methods, product categories and sales regions. The specific fee can be viewed on the publication page. In addition, Etsy will also charge sales commissions and other service fees. The specific fee can be viewed on the Etsy website.

How does Amazon pay?

Amazon offers a variety of payment methods. Here are some common payment methods:

Credit/Debit Card Payment: Amazon supports credit and debit card payment, including Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover and many other types of cards. When paying with a credit or debit card, you need to enter the card number, valid period, CVV code and other information in the payment page.

Amazon Gift Card Payment: Amazon gift card is a prepayment method that can be used to purchase goods on Amazon. When paying with a gift card, you need to enter the gift card number and PIN code in the payment page.

Amazon Payment Balance: If you have the balance in your Amazon account, you can choose to use the balance to pay for the order.

Installment Payment: Amazon also provides the option of installment payment, and you can choose the installment payment method according to the specific goods and conditions.

Third Party Payment: Amazon also supports some third-party payment platforms, such as PayPal, etc. You can choose according to the payment options on Amazon’s website. Please note that when making payment, make sure that the payment information provided is accurate and the payment environment is safe and reliable. If you encounter problems during the payment process, it is recommended to contact Amazon customer service in time for help.

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