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Interstellar Armor “Silver Forest Land” scans plants to make a sunrise potion?

1. Sunrise potion requires three materials: two daylight jade leaves, eight frost leaf grass, and twelve Vesta moss.

how to send plant as gifts in warframe

2. The best collection is frost leaf grass. Frost leaf grass is distributed in the Copps ice and snow map of Mars and Pluto. Here I recommend the Mars annihilation mission.

3. Frost leaf grass is only available where the cliff sees light, so just go directly to the cliff. If you want that kind of bottomless cliff, grab a lot.

4. The second best thing to find is the Vesta moss. The Kitchen God Moss is found in all Cloney Cave terrains, but I recommend the Mercury Wall Assassination Mission.

5. The Kitchen God Moss is very small and flat, making it difficult to find. The number depends on the face, ranging from 1 to 5 at a time.

6. Sunlight jadeite leaves must be pinched to the earth during the day. At night, it is called Moonlight Jadeite Leaves.

7. Jadeite leaves are distributed on the edge of the pool, and they are also relatively rare. If you can find two at a time, it will top the sky.

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