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Is it better to send flowers in a gift box or not?

Both can be

flower gifts to send

In fact, there is no problem with both. This is better to choose according to the personality of the consignee. If the personality of the flower collector is relatively low-key and restrained, then the gift box bouquet is undoubtedly the best. If the flower collector has a more cheerful and sunny personality, you can choose the bouquet. Both the bouquet and the gift box can be used as a marriage proposal. Whether to choose a gift box or a bouquet, you can choose according to the actual situation!

Confession What else can you send besides flowers?

Confession In addition to sending flowers, you can also observe what she usually likes. First of all, I must tell you that confession requires courage and sincerity (among which sincerity is the most important. When confessing in person, you must have a correct attitude to make the woman feel that you are serious. This way your success will be greater)

But one thing to remind you is that when you meet someone you really like, you must confess. Don’t say that you dare not, let alone not confess, and let the opportunity slip away from you in vain. This will make you regret and leave regrets. Even if you are rejected, it doesn’t matter. At least you have tried it yourself, and there are no regrets.

What is the season for sending flowers in one year?

What flowers are suitable for 12 seasons?

In modern etiquette, sending flowers has become a relatively common phenomenon. Sending different flowers represents different feelings. So if you send flowers, you really need to think about it, but the seasons are changing, and the flowers you want may not appear when you send them. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the timely flowers of the four seasons.

January, yellow flowers. Among the spring flowers, light yellow daffodils and forsythia are wonderful, new, and interesting. Putting yellow flowers with white gypsy stars and wrapping them in wrapping paper can express the mood of looking forward to spring and give people the warmth of hope.

February, green plants. February is a bitterly cold month. “The material is blocked, and the spring is green to the branches.” Green represents hope – the bulbous plants in the garden have begun to show their faces. Send green shoots and white flowers, giving people tenacity and strength. This shade of green and green melting white is the symbol of spring in February.

In March, light pink safflower. In March, the soft spring breeze is blowing on the face, feeling like “jade finger slender”. Use light red wrapping paper to wrap the light pink safflower, and the soft, emotional and moist feeling is like spring breeze in the eyes of the flower giver.

In April, light-colored flowers. At this time, spring is at its peak, and a hundred flowers are blooming. The warm sunshine and the warm mood are entwined like vines, and the light-colored flowers just express the artistic conception of “it is the benefits of spring”.

In May, the green flowers are the declaration of green. The dazzling sunshine of early summer creates a colorful world on a green ground. The green flowers represent the lush and pure life.

In June, the orange flower. When the plum rain period clears up, the color of the sun is like a bright orange. The color of the gift flower matches the season, and the soft color orange is the best.

In July, the pink color flower. In the strong light and muggy heat, the colorful flower is the most suitable, because it shows the fearless spirit and style.

In August, the white flower. In the heat of summer, people will feel a little tired, and it is better to send white flowers full of cool breath at this time.

September, mixed colors. High and clear sky, autumn wind blowing slowly. The combination of various colors symbolizes the autumn harvest and the satisfaction of the heart.

October, purple flower. This is the color of memory, the color of contemplation season. Purple is an old and credible expression, and at the same time, it is an irrepressible rising idea.

November, Fruit World. In late autumn, when various fruits are ripe, sweet fruit colors and aromas are everywhere, and fruits can also be added as embellishments in flower gifts.

December, red flowers. Red represents Christmas, enthusiasm. Send a bunch of red flowers that can ignite people’s hearts, and I believe everyone will like it in winter.

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