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Is it good to send green plants for a new house relocation?

When moving to a new house, it is a very good choice to send green plants. Green plants can not only add vitality and beauty to the room, but also provide fresh air and purify the indoor environment.

indoor plants to send as gifts

Green plants also symbolize the new beginning and prosperity of the new house, implying the growth and happiness of life. In addition, green plants are also a thoughtful gift, which can express blessings and concern for friends or family. So, sending green plants is a very appropriate and meaningful gift, which can bring a warm and auspicious atmosphere to the new house.

Fruits and green plants sent by relatives and friends for housewarming?

House warming, relatives and friends sent colorful fruits and green plants, conveying blessings for our new home.

The fruit is sweet and juicy, symbolizing the sweetness and richness of our life; the green plants give us more vitality and hope, and hope that we can also thrive in this new home.

These gifts symbolize family and friendship, and also bring the fragrance and warmth of the new home. At this special moment, we are grateful and thank our relatives and friends for their care and blessings. May everyone live a happy, healthy and happy life like us.

Can I send a pot of green plants for house warming?

If someone else is having a house warming and you give green plants as a gift, try not to give a pot. Or the same pot. Try to choose even numbers. Because according to traditional Chinese customs, even numbers represent auspiciousness, and good things come in pairs.

A friend wants to send a potted plant when he moves to a new house. What kind of potted plant do you think is good?

Ping An Tree, Ping An Tree is also a large indoor green plant with strong branches and leaves. It has a good purification effect on the air, and it is very shade-resistant and easy to raise.

Raising a pot of Ping An tree at home means that the family is safe and smooth. It is a kind of green plant with good wishes. When giving a friend a new housewarming gift, you can choose Ping An tree.

What kind of green plants can be given when moving a factory?

There are many kinds of green plants that can be given when moving a factory, such as:

1. Fortune tree: This is a very popular large green plant. Its leaves are lush, evergreen in all seasons, and it is very cold and shade-resistant. The meaning of fortune tree is to make a lot of money and attract wealth. It is very suitable for giving as a gift when moving a factory.

2. Smooth sailing (white palm): Smooth sailing flowers are like a boat setting sail with a leaf, hence the name. It has the effect of beautifying the environment, filtering indoor exhaust gas, and symbolizes successful career and smooth sailing.

3. Rich seeds: Rich seeds are also known as “rich money” because their fruits grow very distinctly under the leaves. This plant not only has high ornamental value, but also symbolizes wealth and good fortune.

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