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Is there a documentary about a foreigner who traveled to the past to bring some prehistoric animals…

The documentary “Prehistoric Park” will take you back in time and space, witness those extinct species with your own eyes, and work with scientists to save these extinct species and bring them back to the 21st century.

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“Prehistoric Park” is divided into 6 episodes, and China Warner Family Entertainment Co., Ltd. released genuine DVDs at the rate of one episode per week. The documentary series was broadcast on CCTV Science Channel from April 28 to May 20, 2007, and was highly sought after by science and prehistoric biology enthusiasts.

What are the examples of animals crossing highways?

The examples of animals crossing highways are very common. The three examples are deer, bears, and ocelots. Many wild animals need to cross highways in order to find food, breed, find a place to rest, and avoid natural enemies. Human damage to the natural environment, urban expansion, and population increase have led to more and more wild animals crossing highways. According to surveys, the vast majority of traffic accidents on the road are caused by people hitting animals with their cars. The danger of wild animals crossing highways cannot be ignored, such as being hit by vehicles, being captured or missing, and leaving a safe habitat. Therefore, we should take a series of measures to solve this problem, such as enacting legislation to protect the safety of wild animals, building wildlife passages, slowing down and restricting travel, improving driver awareness, etc.

What should I do if animals cross the border?

Animals crossing the border may cause damage to local ecology, so we should try our best to prevent animals from crossing the border. One way is to build fences or other barriers to prevent animals from entering the border area. We can also strengthen border patrol and monitoring to detect the situation of animals crossing in time and take corresponding measures.

In addition, we can also raise people’s awareness of border ecological protection through education and publicity, and reduce the impact of human factors on animals crossing the border. In conclusion, we should take a series of comprehensive measures to prevent animals from crossing the border and protect the local ecological environment from being affected.

Why do animals cross the road?

The reason why animals cross the road and migrate is the same. It is to ensure their own survival. It is an instinctive reaction of animals to survive, but the route of migration is different. The former experiences the road, and the latter experiences the grassland, river or sky. PS: Animal crossing the road is also a sign of habitat occupation, so the habitat of animals should be protected and supported

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