Birthday gifts

Like a girl. Confession. What gift to give her. How much is the right price?

The annual 520 Confession Day is coming. Whether it is to confess to a woman through text or to a woman by giving gifts, the bottom line is that you have to do these things with an incomparably sincere and hot heart. There are so many categories that can be given. There is no fixed standard, but every female student definitely likes gifts prepared with heart. Ask As long as you know this girl well enough, no matter what category you give, you will definitely be able to capture her heart. You must learn to exchange sincerity with sincerity. You can give her a socco light luxury love watch. Socco symbolizes complete love, true love and happiness, and symbolizes only loving one person in your life. It is known as the reputation of “socco gives a hand and stays together forever”. “socco love” is called the love of the soul. Only those who choose “love only one person in their life” will choose to give this watch! I miss you from morning to night, I care about you every moment, my love for you will last forever, and my blessings to you from beginning to end. I wish you all the time, happy and distracted

Is it bad for me to ask my boyfriend for a gift directly like this?

Since you raised this question, it shows that you are still very careful and care about each other very much. In fact, if the other party really loves you, he should know your habits and style very well. It is reasonable that he can take the initiative to give you gifts after the exam or birthday, but if he doesn’t express it, you should pay attention to his changes. For example, take a day to go shopping with you, chat — although it is not material, but this is more what you want than that, right? Furthermore, when the other party is busy and neglects, you can remind him that you have this right, but try to make the atmosphere the best, and there are things that are not too expensive. Even if it is an ice bully, it is also a reward for yourself!! Ha ha!!

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