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Liu Qian’s personal information, the more detailed the better?

A person who has always said that he is from Taiwan, China when performing in public on international occasions. A person who has received applause and flowers on the international stage, but said that he most hopes to perform in a Chinese-speaking land for his compatriots. A person who introduces Xiaolongbao, Chinese cuisine, and every episode says “The Miracle of Liu Qian” in Chinese. A person who promotes Chinese culture in a foreign land. When Zhang Fei praised “going abroad to perform and returned with praise,” he was cautious and just smiled politely. A person who would shake his head when some Taiwanese artists said that the Chinese mainland was very earthy. A person who would cooperate with the needs of the program when performing in Taiwan, interspersed with “hard or not”. ” “Five balls” is a dirty joke, a person who knows how to reward both the elegant and the common. A person who will call the leader hello first and then ask the guests hello when performing in the mainland. A person who has etiquette and knows how to be measured. A popular all over the country after the Spring Festival Gala, but the first time back to Taiwan’s old club to do the show, not to raise the price, said to drink water and think of the source of a person who won the award to get soft, the most famous, the industry has the greatest influence, but never admit that he is a master, every day to study innovation, practical efforts of a person all over the country, but in the TV show as a judge by the young contestants were publicly criticized and humiliated, but still maintain the demeanor of the people who insisted on finishing the show A person who was exposed by industry peers, defamed and provocation, bravely and generously took out a million bounty to invite them to a public head-on contest A person who recorded a video to be exhausted and did not forget to smile at the fans A person who replaced his favorite poster for the audience A person who loved his audience A person who takes care of the reading habits of mainland fans and changes the font of his blog to simplified. A person who every time performs in mainland China, David Cobo, who is used to Taiwan, is called David Copperfield, and the Guinness World Records says that the Guinness Book of Records says that the 6 hearts are 6 hearts. A person who only says “all the gifts given to you must be taken” to fans. In front of the camera, he hugs all the gifts with difficulty in his arms and almost staggers……………………………………. There are many more that can be listed) Yu Qian’s 26-letter analysis is also the reason for Love Qian. Aaaudience Liu Qian’s charm index is absolutely 100% perfect. Of course, as a handsome idol magician, he also has many, many loyal audiences who like him and the magic he performs. These audiences may be waiting for Liu Qian on the TV, or very enthusiastically participating in Liu Qian’s tour (also known as Qian fans). Of course, as a magician, Liu Qian, even if he has learned a lot Bbboy boy will be called a boy when he grows up, which should be the greatest comfort. All Qian fans, including Qian’s mother, have always felt that Liu Qian is a boy who has not grown up (remember Liu Qian’s bonus of 50,000 yuan when he was 12 years old?) So we always worry about Qian, and when he performs magic tricks, we often pray for the blessing of the boy who claims to be 19 years old in the temple and put Kongming lanterns for him, and Qian fans have always been willing, just because we love Qian. A friend at Cccute’s cute Qian Bar said that Liu Qian is like Crayon Xiaoxin, which naturally shows how cute and approachable Qian is. A big boy who often sticks out his tongue naughty, smiles and touches his head, bites his pen, often forgets things, eats food, and has these cute shortcomings is really cute and cute. In addition to having a handsome appearance that can add points and excellent magic skills and talent, Dddictionary also dabbles in art-related knowledge such as music, stage art, theater, industrial design, television, advertising, photography, etc., and allows the public to witness miracles all the time in every field. In the industry, it has the title of “Magic Living Dictionary”. Eeeat Liu Qian loves to eat, Qian fans should know, and I have always believed that Liu Qian has the talent to become a foodie, and it is worth considering that Liu Qian will not gain weight even if he devours food, or such a admirable figure, Qian, how can this be done? Fffantasy Fantasy Liu Qian’s award-winning signature work FeatherFantasy is a fast program that cooperates with many special effects such as fire and light to create a lot of pigeons empty-handed, which is a major sign of his dream miracle. The miracles created by Liu Qian always give people a happy innocence and fantasy. Whether it is his close-up magic or stage magic, he always uses a dedicated and perfect attitude to bring a dreamy plot to all audiences. Gggentleman Liu Qian is a realistic replica of the prince in the hearts of female fans. His grace, demeanor and unstoppable electric eye charm (even if there is a reason), his sharp and handsome movements on the stage, naughty conversations, and his love also make everyone admire him to the extreme. Liu Qian is also an absolutely graceful magician, with absolutely excellent cultivation. Even in the face of incorrect criticism from the outside world, he will not immediately respond, but will carefully study with the staff whether he has these shortcomings, or whether he will commit them, and then go to “if you don’t, you will be encouraged”. Even if it is a response to these boring people, he will not be rude. Liu Qian on the Hhhappy happy stage talks and laughs, has a signature smile that does not keep his soul, he often brings happiness to people, and all Qian fans also try to make him very happy. I hope Qian can always be happy! Iiicecream ice cream is also one of Liu Qian’s loves, which can relieve his anxiety. Of course, to be honest, the ice cream is really delicious! JjJapan Liu Qian, who graduated from the Japanese Department of Soochow University, also has a lot of fans in Japan and has developed very well. Liu Qian’s academic background has also given him a lot of room to play in Japan. KkKID Monster Thief Kidd is the same handsome, the same girl and boy, the same profession – magician, Monster Thief Kidd and Liu Qian are naturally connected, and there are even pictures of Monster Thief Kidd vs Liu Qian on the Internet. In the movie “The Adventure of the Magician” produced by Liu Qian’s fans, the connection between Liu Qian and Monster Thief Kidd is more dramatic and meticulous. The two equally handsome magicians indeed have an irresistible charm. LlInnovation Liu Qian is one of the Chinese magicians who have invented the most new magic in the past two decades, including all the content of domestic lectures, all the content of Japanese lectures, 90% of the content of three special programs in Japan, and all the content of two teaching DVDs…………. There are also some new magic tricks released from time to time. Of course, there are two very famous magic tricks such as salt pepper and ring eggs. They are all original, and only a small part is changed and innovated according to the previous works. Therefore, Liu Qian always strives to give all the audience and friends the feeling of always seeing new things. There are really many words about m in Mmmiracle, but the word miracle is relatively complete. Since mid-2007, Liu Qian has been in the variety show “Variety Big Brother”, serving as one of the judges of the magic competition unit “Big Magic Competition”, and serving as the host of the magic performance unit “Liu Qian MagicShow”. In “Liu Qian MagicShow”, he became famous with the fixed line “Witness the moment of miracles”. And Liu Qian’s magic has also brought us many miracles, and Liu Qian himself is also a miracle. Nnnarcissistic narcissistic The cover of Liu Qian’s fourth book “Magic that Men Must Learn” fully demonstrates the characteristics of narcissism. Ooonly For all Qian fans, Liu Qian is the only miracle and prince in their minds… And Liu Qian also strives to make himself the only one on the road of magic. As the highest person in the Chinese magic world, he is very supportive of the spirit of innovation, which is why Liu Qian’s position cannot be replaced by others. Ppperfect Liu Qian is a person who gives his all to his work and creates miracles with his heart. He pays great attention to details and is “harsh” to the extreme in his work, but his perfectionism only lasts in his work, and he is a complete “idiot” in life. Qqquestfor’s pursuit of Liu Qian’s interests is indeed very broad, so he has been pursuing the ultimate in magic, and he has also been pursuing the best results in other fields. Whether it is correcting other people’s wrong views, or treating his own magic, Liu Qian has always been very rational. His magic arrangements are very reasonable, not too excessive, and not too hot. Sssuccessful On the road of being a magician, Liu Qian has experienced various exercises, but it has to be said that his life is successful, his career is also successful, and of course Qian Fan’s love for him is also absolutely successful (hehe) Ttterrific Liu Qian is great, from the outside to the inside, from performance to personality, so I also hope that the humility we have always loved will continue to be great. Uuunassuming Humble; unpretentious; unostentatious Liu Qian’s character is humble, unostentatious, and unostentatious (that is, a little autistic and introverted), which is one of the reasons why Qian Fan has always supported, and this is also the experience we should learn in our future lives. Vvvictory victory is the full name of the classic action of scissors hands, which means victory. For Yu Qian, he has won a certain degree in his own industry, and for Qian fans, we are always happy to complete a performance in Qian. When he won the world award, he raised his scissors hands and celebrated the victory together. Therefore, the group of Qian fans is also a positive, all-for-Qian, and happy collective. Wwworldwide, Liu Qian is a world-renowned magician in Taiwan, China. He has won many world awards and has become the first Chinese to win many world awards. He is one of the pride of the world magic industry and the pride of the Chinese magic industry. It is also the pride of all Qian fans. Xx unknown Qian will bring us many amazing miracles, he will let us have many dreamy moments, we know that Qian will definitely use his sincerity, with his sincerity to the performance cause to bring us countless miracles, and we also want to give Qian our hard love for him, hard support, give him a strong backing, and hope that Qian can put some depressed words in Qian’s heart to communicate with us, even if we are mostly young, even very young, but we will understand, will also help you make plans, and will also find ways to amuse our brother Liu Qian, which is what makes Qian fans different from other fan groups. There are many interpretations of the word youth, vitality, and vitality, and I would rather choose this one. Qian is always so young in our hearts, so full of vitality and vitality, always 19 years old! Zzzeal Zeal, enthusiasm, enthusiasm Whether it is dealing with magic or dealing with innocent people who have been hurt, Qian always holds a zeal, a enthusiasm, and that fiery heart always affects us. Qian is not just an idol to worship in our hearts, but more like a teacher, who has taught us a lot of the true meaning of life.

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