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Plants suitable for giving away?

are succulents. Because succulents are easier to feed, they are suitable for people who are beginners in plant cultivation. Although succulents do not require much light, water and fertilizer, they can beautify the indoor green environment, release oxygen, and are good for health. In addition, succulents have a lovely appearance and many colors. Giving away succulents can express your blessings and love for a relative or friend. If you want to give a more special plant gift, you can consider some valuable ornamental plants, such as orchids, peony, violets, etc. But these plants require high care skills and professional protection discipline, so they are suitable for people with planting experience and plant lovers.

sending plants as gifts

How can I thank my moving friend for the green plants?

For the green plants sent by a friend, you can express your gratitude in the following ways:

1. Verbal expression of gratitude: When a friend gives you green plants, express your sincere gratitude to them immediately. You can express your appreciation and gratitude with simple words.

2. Send a thank you message: If you can’t express your gratitude in person, you can send a thank you message by phone, text message or social media. Express your gratitude for the green plants sent by your friend in the message and show your love for the gift.

3. Send a thank you card: Prepare a beautiful thank you card and write down sincere thank you text to express your gratitude to your friend. You can attach some compliments and maintenance suggestions to the green plants in the card to show that you will cherish and take good care of this gift.

4. Keep in touch: not just the gift of green plants, but more importantly the kindness of friends. Keep in touch with friends and give back their kindness when there is an opportunity in the future. This can be by making an appointment to have a dinner, inviting them to your event or doing something good for them, etc.

5. Properly take care of green plants: Take care of the green plants sent by friends with heart and let them grow healthy. Turn your love and gratitude into action, give the green plants proper light, watering and fertilizer, etc., and ensure that they have a good living environment.

In the above ways, you can express your gratitude to your friends for giving them green plants, and show your determination that you will cherish and treat this gift well.

What plants are suitable for moving to a new home?

If you want to give plants as gifts for your new home, you can choose the following suitable plants:

1. Potted green plants: such as hanging orchids, dill, tiger tail orchids, etc. These plants are not only beautiful, but also able to absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde.

2. Succulent plants: such as cacti, succulent turtles, flower pots, etc. These plants grow slowly, are easy to manage, and are suitable for places such as balconies or living rooms.

3. Vanilla plants: such as rosemary, mint, etc. These plants can not only provide fragrance, but also be used for seasoning or making tea.

4. Precious plants: such as orchids, hyacinths, dripping Guanyin, etc. These plants have high ornamental value and moral.

It should be noted that when choosing plants, the other party’s preferences and family conditions should be taken into account, such as the degree of sunshine, the size of the space and other factors.

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