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Pokemon Go Lokia Raiders?

After entering the game and selecting the male and female protagonists (male is Xiaozhi, female is Xiaoyao), there is a learning device in the computer, and there is a big mushroom next to it.

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After talking to my mother, I know that the time is now after we have participated in the Quartz Alliance.

Now go to Damu to get new elves, fireball mice, small saw crocodiles, and chrysanthemum leaves, and then Damu will let us go to Platycodon City to find Dr. Kongmu to get his package (can’t you fill in your address by courier? You always want us to run errands)

Starting from Zhenxin Town, as soon as we walked out of the town, we met Dio Sang, a formidable enemy, and the start

There is an electric shock monster elf egg on the way, and remember to take the skill machine.

After getting the package, we encountered the Rockets trying to grab our package when we left the PC center. At this time, Miss Junsha came to help us solve the siege. We went back to the PC center to reply to the status, and introduce the two machines by the way. One is based on intimacy, and the other is based on individual and effort value.

Many houses have refrigerators with soda. We took it directly. You’re welcome. My game has everything in it, and yours is also mine.

Go back and give the package to Damu, and Damu will give me the picture book (there are only 312 elves in this version, that is, Kanto and Chengdu)

The picture book will also tell me the evolution of the elves. When we get the picture book, we will go to Damu’s granddaughter’s house to get the map (when did Damu have a granddaughter?)

Arriving in Platycodon City, there is no one in the dojo, so we passed the ice and snow trail, and a woman at the door blocked the road and told us to go back to the dojo.

Azu Elf, the owner of the flight dojo in Platycodon City: Gugu, comparing birds

It is not difficult, Pikachu pushes it flat.

Defeat Asu, after the ice and snow trail, we came to the town of Cypress Pi, which was occupied by the Rockets. Go to the PC center to reply to the status. We went to the museum above and defeated the janitor. We entered the museum and found that Hakuki was also there. The little minions of the Rockets were inquiring about Rocky’s situation. We went directly to defeat the little minions and left the gate of the museum. Hakuki then came out and said that the museum was very grateful for our help and sent us a 3D dragon.

Then we can go to the Insect Fighting Dojo.

A Bi’s Elf: Iron Armored Pupa, Round Silk Spider, Flying Mantis

Defeat A Bi, go to the right, the researcher will give us an egg, take the hatch, and then we will meet the enemy again.

The enemy elves: ghosts, little magnetic monsters, flame rats

Go to the right, remember to take the props on the way.

Up we come to the Interconnection Cave, there are many rocket teams in the cave, follow the road and walk out of the Interconnection Cave, and go right to Gold Rush City. At this time, there is no one in the dojo. We will meet Musashi Kojiro Meow Meow’s rocket team trio when we go up.

Doubles Rocket Team: Sure enough, Weng, Dragonfly, Big Tongue, Katy Dog

After the defeat, we came to the lake cabin. Sakagi and several rocket team members are studying Ultradream.

After the conversation, Sakagi called over with Super Dream

After being killed by the plot, we went back to Gold Rush City and walked down, and we met Miss Junsha. The conversation gave us a pair of running shoes. At this time, we can go to the dojo

Xiaoqian’s elf: Pippi, big tongue, big milk pot

After defeating Xiaoqian, go down

Down to Yuanzhu City, go to the dojo first to start the plot, the contest of the powerful enemy

The powerful enemy: Ghost, Super Bat, Little Magnetic Monster, Flame Rat

After the fight, we went back to the upper left corner of Manjin City to trigger the plot of Rogia

Come to the depths of the cave to trigger the plot

I was killed by the level 70 Shuijun plot again. At this time, Aoki came to help and gave us a Thunder Duke

After defeating, we can go to the ghost dojo in Dayuan Zhu City

Komatsu’s elves: Ghost Si, Ghost Stone 2, Geng Ghost,

After defeating Komatsu, we can go to the right from Manjin City and pass through Jihua City. The conversation in the room in the upper left corner here gets flash supersonic bats. The individual is 6V

The cave on the left side of Jihua City meets the rocket soldiers. After the plot, we will go to Road 12 and walk all the way to Shallot City

Dojo You will meet a strong enemy at the door, then go to the lighthouse to talk to the owner

Walk down through the waterway to Azure City, first go to the store to get the secret medicine, and then go to the dojo owner elf: Monkey Monster, Hot Monkey, Fast Swimming Frog

After defeating the owner, we will go back to Jihua City, give the secret medicine to Ah Mi, and then you can hit the dojo

The owner elf: Little Magnetic Monster, Three-in-One Magnetic Monster, Big Steel Snake

After defeating the owner, we will go from left to up, to Kaji City

Just arrived in Kaji City and met Junsha, we went to the hospital to trigger the plot, and then went here to trigger the plot, which is the underground base of the Rockets

After playing the Rockets, we will play a strong enemy. After playing the strong enemy, we can go to the ice-type dojo

Go to Yimo City to the right, we will now go to Azure City to trigger the Rockets plot

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