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Pokemon Ultimate Emerald Smart Edition What sprites do you need to explore outer space?

In Pokemon Ultimate Emerald Smart Edition, if you want to explore outer space, you need to match “fighter” sprites, such as Pikachu, Qixi Festival Blue Bird and other sprites with electrical or flight attributes. This is because in the game, players need to use “fighter” sprites to engage in air combat, and they also need to acquire the ability to fly during the exploration of outer space.

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How do you get the Ultimate Emerald 55 Mystic Aircraft?

The Ultimate Emerald 55 Mystic Aircraft is a special flying tool in the game “Pokemon”. Players can obtain it by completing a series of quests and challenges in the game.

First, the player needs to defeat the four major elf guardians in the game and obtain their badges.

Then, the player needs to travel to the forest of Ibrahimovic to complete the task of Ibrahimovic evolution and obtain Ibrahimovic’s evolution stone.

Next, the player needs to find and capture specific Pokémon in different locations in the game, such as Thunderlord, Vulcan Bird and Frozen Bird, etc.

Finally, the player needs to challenge the final boss on the tower in the game and defeat him, so that he can obtain the Ultimate Emerald 55 Mystic Flyer.

How to get the Kingdom of Olive Branch Rock?

In the Kingdom of Rock, players can earn an olive branch in the following ways:

1) Participate in daily quests and achievement quests, and complete the relevant task requirements, and have a certain chance to obtain an olive branch reward;

2) Participate in in-game activities, such as festival activities, competitions, etc., complete the activity goals, and also have the opportunity to obtain an olive branch;

3) Trade with other players, and sometimes olive branches can be bought, sold and exchanged between players. In addition, the in-game store may also have olive branches for sale, and players can buy them with in-game currency. Remember to enrich your quests and activities often, and actively participate in social interactions in order to better obtain the reward of olive branches.

How to get the rare beast of Pokemon stand-alone version?

It is difficult to obtain the rare beasts of the stand-alone version of Pokemon because the stand-alone version of Pokemon lacks Internet connection compared to the online version of Pokemon, and cannot use level exchange and Pokémon exchange to obtain rare beasts. Moreover, the probability of rare beasts appearing in legends is extremely small, requiring players to cultivate and explore for a long time to have the opportunity to encounter them. In the stand-alone version of Pokemon games, methods to obtain rare beasts may include but are not limited to the following: capture by using the ultimate ball or wonderful fruit; participate in hidden missions in the game or complete special challenge levels; defeat bounty missions or competitive competitions provided by other players to win rare beasts. If you want to obtain rare beasts, you need to have high game skills and Be patient and try different methods to welcome good luck

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