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Population area of Kalistan?

Punjab, India is a state located in the northwest. The west is adjacent to Pakistan. Punjab means the land of five rivers, referring to the five tributaries of the Indus River, the Jhelum River, the Jenab River, the Ravi River, the Beas River, and the Satlej River. The area is 5. 40,000 square kilometers. The population is about 16.79 million, mostly Sikhs. The capital is Chandigarh.

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Who wrote the city of Chandigarh, India?

Le Corbusier’s “Modernist Architecture” Masterpiece – Chandigarh – City

Per capita income of Indian states in 2020

1: Goa, population 1.21 million, US $5,299 per capita

2: Delhi Union Territory, population 26.50 million, US $5,139 per capita

3: Sikkim, population 650,000, US $4,557 per capita

4: Chandigarh Union Territory, population 1.16 million, US $4,130 per capita

5: Pondicherry Special District, population 1.30 million, US $3,840 per capita

6 Haryana, population 23.01 million, $3,116 per capita 7: Maharashtra, population 1. 300 million, $2,900 per capita

8: Tamil Nadu, population 75.30 million, $2,762 per capita

9: Gujarat, population 64.60 million, $2,535 per capita

10: Kerala, population 37.10 million, $2,469 per capita

11: Uttarakhand, population 9.86 million, $2,267 per capita

12: Telangana, population 37.89 million, $2,184 per capita

13: Punjab, population 26.27 million, $2,092 per capita

14: Himachal Pradesh, population 7.50 million , $2,045 per capita

15: Pseudo-Arunachal Pradesh, population 1.69 million, $1,968 per capita

16: Karnataka, population 63.85 million, $1,851 per capita

17: Andhra Pradesh, population 68 million, $1,823 per capita

18: Nagaland, population 2.20 million, $1,794 per capita

19: Mizoram, population 1.31 million, $1,764 per capita – India population 13. 7.10 billion, $1,901 per capita

20: West Bengal, population 96.50 million, $1,631 per capita

21: Tripura, population 4.12 million, $1,623 per capita

22, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Union Territory, population 460,000, $1,528 per capita

23: Rajasthan, population 61.20 million, $1,442 per capita

24: Meghalaya, population 3.10 million, $1,410 per capita

25: Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, population 14.20 million, $1,381 per capita

26: Chhattisi Jharkhand, population 27.50 million, $1,280 per capita

27: Orissa, population 42.67 million, $1,149 per capita

28: Madhya Pradesh, population 75.03 million, $1,132 per capita

29: Jharkhand, population 28.94 million, $1,071 per capita

30: Assam, population 31.09 million, $1,009 per capita

31: Manipur, population 3.02 million, $923 per capita

32: Uttar Pradesh, population 2. 2.50 billion, $916 per capita

33: Bihar, population 1. 100 million, $836 per capita

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