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Practical gifts for friends to move to a new home?

In China, practical gifts for friends to move to a new home can consider the following options:

easy housewarming gifts to send in mail

1. Household items: such as kitchen utensils, tableware, cleaning tools, bathroom supplies, etc. These practical household items can help friends better enjoy life in their new home.

2. Small household appliances: such as electric kettles, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, electric fans, etc. These small household appliances can enhance the convenience and comfort of life.

3. Decorations: such as decorative paintings, vases, ornaments, etc. Choosing decorations that suit the style and preferences of friends’ homes can add beauty to the new home.

4. Utility tools: such as toolboxes, flashlights, keychains, etc. These utilities can play a role in home maintenance and daily use.

5. Plants or flowers: Send a pot of green plants or flowers, which can bring vitality and a natural atmosphere to the new home.

6. Indoor atmosphere creation: such as scented candles, scented machines, music players, etc. These can help create a warm and relaxing indoor atmosphere.

7. Daily necessities sets: such as towels, bedding, bathroom sets, etc. Choose high-quality daily necessities sets to provide friends with a comfortable life experience.

In addition to the gift itself, attaching a greeting card or writing a warm greeting can also make the gift more special and meaningful. Take into account your friend’s preferences, needs and the situation of your new home, and choose practical and personalized gifts to show your care and blessings.

Copywriting for selling housewarming gifts?

Welcome to your new home! To celebrate your housewarming, we have prepared a beautiful gift especially for you. This gift represents blessings and good wishes. I hope you can be happy and healthy in your new residence and have a prosperous career.

Whether it is home decorations, practical home appliances or warm small items, we have carefully selected them, hoping to add a warmth and beauty to your new home. Congratulations on your housewarming, and may your new home bring you endless joy and happiness!

How to give gifts to customers when moving?

What is a good gift for customers when they move to their new home: The gift of Joe

The gift of moving should not only represent a blessing, but also reflect the gratitude for the customer’s cooperation.

Give customers housewarming gifts, which can usually be ornaments or flower baskets. Most of them are symbolic.

Of course, you can also send it according to the customer’s taste. For example, if you like

elegant, you can send calligraphy and painting, stationery supplies; you can send

The auspicious eyebrow picture and the peony brocade picture are all good choices.

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