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Prizes, how should they be distributed?

– Talking about the educational role of prizes for children Prizes are items that children like and are also a way for teachers to carry out class activities.

But in recent years, distributing prizes has become a trend, especially in the last semester, although the two teachers in my class spent money to buy many interesting prizes and got the children’s love for a while, but after the event, the children were picky about the prizes and showed no interest in some prizes, resulting in frequent distribution of prizes, which could not stimulate the enthusiasm of children, and did not promote the activity. The prizes became a kind of false. So, how to distribute prizes is appropriate? When is it appropriate to issue prizes? What kind of prizes are given? This is a question that our two teachers are considering in the new semester. After thinking about the previous behavior, we thought of a way to let the children get prizes through some of their own efforts. At the same time, the principal’s reminder also allowed us to further refine this work: that is, let the children prepare a box at home, and the teacher distributes stickers to them according to the children’s performance, so that they can treasure them, and exchange prizes with the teacher after collecting ten. The effect of doing this: 1. Cultivate children’s good sense of responsibility for retracting and placing, 2. Stimulate children’s enthusiasm and experience success and self-confidence; 3. Play the real role of prizes to promote children’s positivity. And this idea, we not only introduced the children in advance, let the children understand things, make positive preparations, but also through the parent-teacher conference, let the parents actively cooperate and work hard for the common growth of the children. At the same time, the choice of what kind of prize is also a question for the teacher to consider. We chose cartoon pencils and transparent animal accessories, which aroused the children’s freshness and interest, and stimulated the children’s desire to have. In fact, there are many choices of prizes, such as: pasting, small pasting is the most popular among children, the price is cheap, the children like it, and the effect is good; handmade works, make some origami works, such as airplanes, flying cranes, dinosaurs, hexagonal gift boxes, sunflowers, etc., as prizes to reward children. Of course, verbal praise is also an important prize. Although verbal praise is not a material prize, it is the most widely used and basically costs nothing. However, verbal praise requires skills, and praise children must be sincere and in place. Perfunctory praise is worthless, and general praise cannot convey the correct information. Don’t be stingy with your physical praise. Children may remember it for a lifetime. When children are adults, they often think of the warm contact of their teachers when they were young. What a pleasant thing it is

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