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Recommended small gifts for team building?

The following are some recommendations suitable as small gifts for team building:

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Customized water cup: You can customize a water cup with the company logo or team name to make team members feel a sense of belonging and identity.

Souvenir photos: You can take some photos of team activities and make them into souvenirs, so that everyone can keep 3. Personalized stationery: You can customize some personalized stationery, such as pens, notebooks, etc. with the team name printed on them. These small items can always remind team members of their close connection with each other.

Fitness equipment: If team members like fitness, you can consider giving some small fitness equipment, such as mini dumbbells, exercise balls, etc.

Green plants: Giving a pot of green plants as a gift can not only bring a natural and fresh feeling to team members, but also relieve work pressure and improve work efficiency.

Gourmet gift boxes: You can choose some local specialty food gift boxes, so that team members can feel the charm of different cultures, and at the same time, you can also enhance the feelings between each other.

Books or music: If team members like reading or music, you can choose some work-related books or music as gifts, so that they can improve themselves in their spare time.

No matter what gift you choose, the most important thing is to take into account the preferences and needs of team members, so that they can feel the love and support of the team.

Team building souvenir recommendation?

Team building souvenir is more suitable for giving watches. 1. A watch is a daily wear item, which is not only practical but also can be kept for a long time. As a team souvenir, it is closer to life and is welcomed by the recipient. 2. Watch brand, style, function, etc. are the elements of choosing a watch, so it can show the team’s emphasis on the giver and has certain gift attributes. 3. From another perspective, the role of team souvenirs is team building, allowing team members to establish close contact and form a more tacit cooperation in future work and life. Watches are a kind of gift as team souvenirs, which will convey understanding, cognition and support.

How to show off gifts sent by the company in Moments?

You should not show off gifts sent by the company in Moments.

1. Showing off gifts sent by the company may involve company secrets. If such information is shared on social media, it may cause certain security risks.

2. In the workplace, people place more value on your actual abilities and performance. Excessive showing off of gifts sent by the company may cause dissatisfaction and disharmony within the team.

3. Gifts are supposed to be a kind of gratitude. If you understand them as a means of showing off, it will appear to lack literacy and courtesy.

If you want to express your gratitude or share a good workplace experience, you can choose to communicate directly on an internal communication platform or with relevant personnel, so that you can convey your feelings to the other party without causing unnecessary trouble.

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