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“RimWorld” Power Manufacturing?

In “RimWorld”, power can only be unlocked by research. Take the tribal opening as an example:

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At first we didn’t have power technology, and we need to research it ourselves.

The first thing to do is: build a basic research platform.

Then in the research options, find the power option.

When the villain is researching on the basic research platform, the research value will increase, and when the research value is full, the power technology can be unlocked.

As shown below:

1. Build a basic research station


Select Research Electricity

3. This way, we can build the power generation equipment we need in the power option.

And after unlocking the power technology, some appliances will also be added to the production, furniture, and miscellaneous options.

In the early days, it was recommended that we use thermal power generators to generate electricity, because it has high power generation, stable power, and there are many trees on the map (thermal power generators consume wood for fuel)

After being built, the industrious villains will add the felled logs to the generator to make it work until there is no raw material to add.

As shown below:

When there is no fuel, an oil drop icon will be displayed on the generator, and the connected appliances will also show that there is no power supply

4. After adding fuel, the generator starts to work, driving the light bulb to light up

(we can click on the generator to view the remaining fuel)

5. We can use wires to connect appliances that are far away from power generation equipment. It is worth noting that when appliances are close to wires or other power generation equipment, a small wire will be automatically connected.

6. When we enter the “era of steel and parts”, we can consider more convenient and environmentally friendly power supply. Such as wind turbines and solar panels.

It is worth noting that these two are not resource-intensive.

Wind turbines are undoubtedly powered by wind. What we need to note is that it covers a large area, and a large part of the front and rear areas are not allowed to have shelter (such as trees, rock, walls, etc.)

When building, you can press shortcut Q and E to rotate the angle of the generator

7. To save space, you can build the open field areas of the two wind turbines opposite each other, and neither generator is affected

8. Solar panels can also provide us with electricity during the day, but it should be noted that its limitations are that it can only generate electricity during the day, and the stronger the sunlight, the stronger the electricity. In order to prevent it from being damaged by other invaders, we can also build a wall for it, but be careful not to add a roof.

It is worth noting that the height of the solar panels is low, and it can be built within the open field of the wind turbine without affecting each other.

The solar panels under the wind turbine save space and wires

9. Later, through research, we can unlock an advanced power generation facility geothermal energy generator.

It can provide us with the most continuous and stable power, and it is not easy to damage, and it also does not require fuel supply.

It should be noted that it can only be built on steam geysers.

10. Even though we have so many power generation equipment, with special circumstances such as aging, damage, fuel exhaustion, attack damage, no wind, no sun, etc., it is often impossible to ensure that all our electrical appliances have a stable power supply. At this time, we need a new kind of power storage device battery.

The battery can store the excess power of the power generation equipment and then provide it to us when special circumstances occur. (The so-called rainy day. It is better to build more of such life-saving things)

Build more batteries and build a battery pack yourself!

11. After charging, the battery will display the power status (yellow part)

12. It should be noted that the battery can be easily damaged and exploded in contact with water or overheating! The battery pack will even explode in a chain, and it will be blown up, injured, maimed or killed at a close distance!

In order to prevent rain from short-circuiting, we’d better build a wall and roof to protect it.

But in areas with lower terrain, the ground will accumulate water and turn into a swamp after heavy rain.

If you flood the battery room, the consequences will be unimaginable

13. Don’t worry, there will always be a solution.

If the floor is laid on the ground, the ground will not be changed except that it can become dirty.

14. Build the room, cover the roof, lay the floor, and leave a door for maintenance to enter and exit.

This way, the room will greatly reduce the chance of it exploding in contact with water.

15. There are still problems!

High temperature can also cause the battery to explode!

Add an air conditioner is OK~!

Of course, if you choose high-altitude polar areas, you can directly build a vent to maintain room temperature and external indexing without building an air conditioner.

It should be noted that the air conditioner is divided into hot and cold sides (the blue side is refrigeration, the red side is heating), be careful not to make mistakes, otherwise o (

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