Holiday gifts

Send a gift card to big brother?

Big brother’s gifts are always so desirable. This time he gave us a beautiful gift, which not only made us feel ecstatic, but also made us feel his respect and love for us. Thank you big brother for his selfless dedication and wish big brother happiness and health.

sending gifts in a card

How to wrap gifts in double-sided wrapping paper?

The double-sided wrapping paper for wrapping gifts can choose paper with bright colors, exquisite patterns and good texture, which can make the gift more beautiful. Here are the steps to wrap gifts: Spread out the paper and place the gift in the appropriate position on the paper to ensure that the paper can completely cover the gift, and the edge of the paper should be larger than the edge of the gift. Pick up a short side and fold the paper up and then down so that the paper forms a triangle. Fold the triangle inward so that the paper forms a small bag shape and pinch one corner of the bag with your fingers. Fold the other two short sides in the same way so that all sides form a small bag shape. Glue the three small bag-like sides together with double-sided glue to form a ball shape. Trim off the excess paper with scissors to make the ball shape more sleek. Tie the gift with a ribbon and tie a beautiful bow. Finally, write a small card on the gift, write down the greetings and your name, and then put it next to the gift. The above are the steps to wrap the gift, hope it helps you.

What do you give a 12-year-old round lock child as a gift in return?

1. You can customize gifts for her, such as necklaces, bracelets, music boxes, crystal ornaments with her name engraved on them. Such gifts are very creative and memorable.

2. Give some cute dolls, girls, never dislike these dolls too much. And it’s still a relatively quiet girl

3. See if she has a favorite gift or a gift she longs for. Buy it and give it to her! She will be very happy

4. Give her a copy. Such girls like to read quietly. If you don’t like it, you can buy a book with meaning pictures

5. It’s also good to make a gift by yourself. Such as hand-painted T-shirts, shoes, greeting cards of different materials, etc.

Tianlong Memorial Book How to receive cards from others?

First of all, in Tianlong Memorial Book, cards given by others will be displayed in “My Gift”. You need to select the card you want to receive in the “My Gift” interface. After clicking the “Receive” button, you can add the card to your own card library. If the number of gifts exceeds your capacity, you can choose to delete unwanted cards to make room. At the same time, you can also thank the player or friend who gave the gift in “My Gift” to show your gratitude.

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