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Six gifts for engagement?

List 1

what to send for engagement gift

1. 60 large cakes, 90 flower lotus

2. A pair of red candles

3. Happy candy

4. Gold and silver jewelry

5. Bridal clothing

6. Pork

List 2

1. Pig’s heart

2. 6 fish with fish scales

3. 6 bottles of wine

4. 3 kilograms of sugar

5. 6 bundles of fans tied with red thread

6, 6 boxes of desserts

What are the gifts for engagement?

The gifts for engagement vary depending on factors such as region, culture, customs, etc., but generally speaking, the following are some common engagement gifts:

Jewelry: such as diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Red wine: Choosing good quality red wine can express respect and blessings to each other.

Flowers: such as roses, carnations, etc., can express romance and love.

Chocolate: can express sweetness and warmth.

Tea: such as Longjing, Tieguanyin, etc., can express blessings to each other’s health and longevity.

Clothes: You can choose clothes that suit each other to express your concern and consideration for each other.

Watches: You can express your cherishing and valuing each other’s time.

Books: You can choose books that suit each other to express your respect for each other’s knowledge and wisdom.

Cosmetics: You can choose cosmetics that suit each other to express your blessings for each other’s beauty and confidence.

Electronic products: such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., you can express your concern and support for each other’s life and work. Of course, the most important thing is to choose gifts according to each other’s preferences and personality, so that the other party can feel your heart and care.

What gifts do you give for engagement gifts?

1. Photo pendants

Everyone should have seen some old TV dramas or movies, and they will see that many people wear pendants that can hold photos. Although it looks a little retro, it is very meaningful to put a photo of the newlyweds in it and ask the other party to wear it.

2. Crystal furnishings

Crystal has always been loved by everyone. Its purity is as pure and flawless as the love between the newlyweds. You can choose a pair of swan crystal furnishings with beautiful love symbols, or you can choose a photo frame made of crystal to put the newlyweds’ group photo on it.

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