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Ten of the most popular gifts for colleagues?

Relationships are average

send coworkers gifts

The gifts that colleagues with average relationships can give are practical gifts or office supplies, small gifts that are beneficial to work. What can be given are signed pens, exquisite water glasses, blessed Ping An blessing pendants, and warm table stickers for computer desks. They are relatively small and close to life.

Relationships are medium

Life gifts include calendars, small table lamps, umbrellas for shading and rain, alarm clocks, pen holders, business card holders, tea sets, wine sets, ties, belts, etc. You can make good choices.

Colleagues who are helpful to you

Give more sincere and expensive gifts on birthdays or festivals. It can be a painting or a handicraft ornament. It is very appropriate to give gifts with better meaning.

Colleagues of the same level

Gifts can be given that are not very expensive, but you have a heart. If you like to drink tea, you can send a tea set. If you like to smoke, you can send a lighter. If you like makeup, it is very appropriate to send a good-looking lipstick.


If the other party is older and not your leader, it is inappropriate to choose things that young people like. You can send him books you like. If you like mountaineering, you can give gifts related to mountaineering. If you like fishing, you can send things related to your preferences. First understand what the other party likes and then prescribe the right medicine.

The friendship between colleagues is very simple. Learn to cherish and take good care of the friendship. When touching the friendship from the bottom of my heart, I will feel that my colleagues are like lamps and water. Gifts for colleagues are more heart-warming

Practical gifts for colleagues?

I think a small gift is very suitable for a small woman of his age as a colleague. It can be a set of skin care products. Because women love beauty, you can give her a set of skin care products or accessories she likes.

You can also give him things he likes, such as crystal engraving on the table, etc., as well as football or basketball football that boys like. Gifts for boys can be given to cross stitch made by themselves, the best cross stitch pendant, and cross stitch throw pillows embroidered by boys themselves. They are all gifts made by yourself, and you have a heart. I believe your colleague will understand. Give him the best gift and he will understand your heart. Give him a big natural mechanical watch, or a razor. Boys prefer sports, and sports bracelets are also good. It is better to give him the best wishes. There is no more important gift than a wedding gift. The gift is light and the gift is heavy, and the gift is light and the gift is heavy. As long as you send the blessing, it is the best gift.

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