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The legend of Diyan Agui Temple?

The answer is as follows: Diyan Agui Temple, also known as Diyan Agui Temple, is located in the city of Alaputo in the southern Indian state of Kerala. According to legend, this temple was built in the 9th century AD in memory of a saint named Diyan Agui.

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According to legend, Diyan Agui was a very devout ascetic monk who spent many years in the jungle and was deeply respected and admired by people. One day, while bathing by the river, he was attacked by an elephant, but he was unharmed. This made people even more admire his divine power. Later, Diyan Agui built a temple here, which became a place of worship and prayer.

In addition to this legend, there is another well-known legend in Diyan Agui Temple. It is said that the main hall of this temple was donated by a woman named Anada Prab. She suffered because she was infertile, but after coming to this temple, she suddenly became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy child. This miraculous event made people more venerated and worshiped this temple.

Today, Diyan Agui Temple has become one of the most famous temples in southern India, attracting a large number of tourists and worshippers to visit and pray every year.

What is malayalee?

Malayalee refers to a person from the Indian state of Kerala, a state in southwestern India. Malayalee can also refer to speakers of the Malayalam language of Kerala.

Overview of Indian states?

India is a federal country with 22 states and 9 territories until 1979. It counts the Indian-occupied area of Jammu and Kashmir, which is disputed with Pakistan, as the Indian state of Kashmir, and Sikkim, which it annexed in 1975, as a state of India. In addition, more than 90,000 square kilometers of China south of the illegal McMahon Line in the eastern section of the Sino-Indian border are designated as its Arunachal state territory.

India has 620 million inhabitants, ranking second in the world. The ethnic groups with a population of more than 10 million include Hindustan (mainly distributed in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh), Telugu (Andhra Pradesh), Bengal (West Bengal), Tamil (Tamil Nadu), Sikhs (Punjab), Marathi (Maharashtra), Gujarat (Gujarat), Assam (Assam), Oriya (Orissa), Kannada (Karnataka), and Malayalam (Kerala), among which Hindustan has the largest population, accounting for 46.3% of the country’s total population. India declared Hindi as its national language in January 1965, but continues to use English as its official language.

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