Birthday gifts

The original god gets 5 companion gift achievements?

The decisive gift achievement introduction

send 25 gifts reward

Achievement requirements: get 5/10/20 companion gifts

Achievement method: After the 1.7 version is updated, you can invite partners to settle in the home through the dust song pot, and at the same time place ornaments that meet the preferences of the companions to trigger the gift. The preferences of the companions and the drawings of the ornaments can be viewed and purchased through the Cave Treasure.

Achievement rewards: After meeting specific requirements, players can get 5/10/20 rough stone rewards respectively.

What does the 5,000-person reward for the unlocked audience mean?

“5000 Unlocked Viewers Reward” usually refers to the corresponding reward that participants can receive when the unique viewer reaches 5000 people in an event, competition or live broadcast. This reward may be provided by the event organizer to encourage more people to participate and pay attention to the event. The specific reward content may vary from event to event, and can be physical prizes, virtual prizes (such as e-gift cards, in-game props, etc.), bonuses or other forms of rewards. By setting such unique viewer goals and reward mechanisms, the event organizer can increase the attraction and participation of the event, while also being able to increase the exposure and visibility of the event. For participants, receiving rewards is a kind of motivation and recognition, which can increase their participation motivation and sense of achievement. It should be noted that the specific reward content and collection method may need to be determined according to the rules and requirements of the activity. Participants should read the relevant instructions of the activity carefully to understand how to achieve the unique viewer goal and how to receive the reward.

What gift will be rewarded for the child’s test progress?

You can give him a better pen and hat; you can also give him an inspirational book, so that the child can take exams when studying; give him an inspirational notebook, a pen is also possible;

Give him a notebook, which is also a good and also a very good gift, What does it mean to post orders and send gifts? Post orders and send gifts means that after purchasing goods on, the purchased goods will be posted and shared on the platform. will give certain gifts or rewards to the person posting the order according to the quality and participation of the content of the order.

The content of the order posting can include comments on the product, experience in using it, photos or videos, etc. By posting the order, consumers can share their shopping experience, help other users understand the real situation of the product, and get certain feedback and rewards.

This activity can increase the exposure of the product, improve the shopping experience, and promote interaction and communication between consumers. The specific rules of the order posting and gift giving activity can be viewed on the platform or consulted by customer service.

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