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TikTok How to withdraw the gift amount?

Regarding this issue, TikTok the gift amount withdrawal needs to meet the following conditions:

what happens when you send gifts on tiktok

1. Bind Alipay account

Real-name authentication in the TikTok personal center and bind Alipay account. If it has been completed, there is no need to repeat the operation.

2. Reach the withdrawal threshold

TikTok The gift amount withdrawal threshold is 100 yuan, that is, when the gift amount accumulates to 100 yuan, it can only be withdrawn.

3. Apply for withdrawal

On the “My Wallet” page of the TikTok Personal Center, click the “Withdrawal” button, select the amount to be withdrawn and confirm the withdrawal method to submit the application.

4. Review the withdrawal application

TikTok will review the withdrawal application. After the review is passed, the withdrawal amount will be transferred to the bound Alipay account within 3 working days.

It should be noted that the withdrawal process may need to pay relevant handling fees. The specific fee is subject to the official notice of TikTok.

How can I receive a TikTok settlement payment?

If you are an active creator on the TikTok platform, then you may receive TikTok settlement payment. This is because TikTok in order to encourage and reward excellent creators, they will pay certain rewards according to their performance on the platform.

These rewards may come from advertising revenue, paid event gifts, brand cooperation and other channels. If you meet the TikTok settlement conditions, then you may receive this settlement payment. This is undoubtedly a kind of praise and encouragement for creators, and it is also a motivation to make them more active in their creation.

Is it true that overseas Douyin TikTok making money?

Overseas Douyin TikTok allows users to make money in some ways, such as:

1. Advertising revenue sharing: Some users can bring advertisements to their own users through cooperation with TikTok, and share part of the advertising costs.

2. Gift income: Viewers on the platform can give users a virtual gift, these gifts can be exchanged for real currency, and users can get related rewards from it. This is also a main way for overseas Douyin to make money.

3. Cooperation income: Brands in the fields of tourism, beauty, clothing, food, etc., find influential content creators to cooperate on the platform, and these content creators can obtain relevant benefits from it.

It should be noted that these ways of making money are not successful for everyone, and they need to have certain conditions such as influence, number of fans and exposure. At the same time, it is also necessary to handle relevant cooperation and advertising carefully, so as not to affect the user experience.

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