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Top 10 famous brands of Italian machine tools?

The first one should be Pietro Carnaghi, a world-class manufacturer of heavy-duty digital vertical lathes and gantry boring and milling machines. Machine tools are widely used to process components of launch vehicles, such as the Delta Heavy rocket of Boeing in the United States, the Ariane launch vehicle of the European Space Agency, the Atlas launch vehicle of Lockheed Martin in the United States, and the Russian Kronichev Space Center.

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The second place is the Palpas machine tool. When manufacturing the F-35, the Lockheed Martin team needs to build a flexible manufacturing unit for the body predecessor of the F-35, and the production of high-precision requirements is the most critical and important requirement in the manufacturing operation of the entire body predecessor. And Italy’s Palpas machine won the project after fierce competition, providing Lockheed Martin with high-precision double-sided milling machines for the manufacture of the body predecessor of the F35 fighter jet. Palpas is the world’s technological leader in the field of aviation milling machine manufacturing, and also occupies a leading position in the production of high-tech and high-precision equipment in aerospace, aircraft engines, automobiles, energy and other industries. The British company BAE Systems, which is the international leader of the defense industry, also purchased the machine tools of Parpass.

The third place is Parma, which is the manufacturer of high-precision numerical control boring and milling machines. It enjoys the reputation of the family of boring and milling machines in the world, and the products are famous for their precision and efficiency. There are also many domestic users. The main floor-type boring and milling machine SPEEDRAM series products have the advantages of high precision, high power and high structural rigidity. It is suitable for high-precision and ultra-precision machining, and the processing of heavy, medium and large workpieces with difficult cutting materials.

The fourth place is FPT, which has been focusing on machine tools in the field of machinery and molds for 44 years. It is a world leader in the manufacture of large and medium-sized milling and boring machines, and has the latest facilities that represent the current level of technology. The company’s high-tech machine tools can solve and improve traditional production processes. Due to factors such as instability of the equipment foundation, crashes caused by misoperation, wear of machine parts and earthquakes over time, the mechanical geometric accuracy of the machine tool will be reduced, resulting in failure to meet the accuracy requirements of the product. Through the system developed by FPT itself, the mechanical geometric errors of the machine tool can be automatically corrected and compensated in a timely manner, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the machine tool, reducing the standby time of the machine tool and the cost of hiring professional maintenance personnel. There are also many domestic users of this brand.

The fourth place is Beritong, with a high-end positioning and a 8 million domestic starting price. It is generally used for the processing of high-value-added high-precision products and complex parts. It is widely used in automobiles, aerospace, general equipment and other fields. Especially the gantry five-axis high-speed machining center, which has a very high reputation in Europe and can realize the processing of pentahedron. And it is a special processing machine tool for Renault Formula 1 racing cars, which belongs to the world’s leading level.

The fifth place is MCM Company, which is currently acquired by Zhejiang Rifa Precision Machinery with 84% of its shares. This is an aviation equipment manufacturing plant with pure European ancestry. Its products include large machining centers, heavy-duty machine tools and related automation accessories. It has the characteristics of high precision, high flexibility, high reliability and high efficiency. Aviation customers include European Aerospace, French Aerospace, European Airbus, etc. In the automobile manufacturing industry, there are heavyweight customers such as Ferrari and Daimler.

The sixth place is MECOF Mecafu, which is also well-known in Europe. Now it is a subsidiary of Austria EMCO, which mainly produces large gantry machining centers, floor boring and milling machining centers, and large vertical machining centers.

The seventh place is Savagnini salvagnini, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of sheet metal processing equipment and has the world’s most advanced flexible processing system for sheet metal manufacturing.

The eighth place is CB Ferrari Ferrari, which is now acquired by Beijing First Machine Tool Factory and specializes in making aircraft engine blades. It is a well-known manufacturer of five-axis linkage machining centers in Europe. Ferrari’s machine tools are currently mainly aimed at the target market, which is the manufacture of high-precision key components. For example, in the field of aircraft blade processing machine tools, it has been among the forefront of the industry. Its blade processing machine, with its high performance, high efficiency, high rigidity and high dynamic characteristics, supplemented by the company’s own CAM software, can meet the blade processing of the longest airway to 3 meters.

The ninth place is Seamans CMS, which mainly produces high-performance high-speed five-axis machine tools. For decades, it has only focused on the non-metallic processing of advanced materials. It is widely used in aerospace, automotive, rail transit, foundry industry, wind power industry, luxury yachts, new building materials and other fields. It has a high market share and reputation in Europe.

The tenth place is the well-known Phidia, which is one of the main manufacturers of numerical control systems, high-speed milling machines, and CAM software in the world. The better sellers in China are bridge gantry five-axis machining centers and vertical five-axis machining centers.

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