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What affordable special gifts are suitable for traveling to the United States?

With the continuous appreciation of the RMB, buying American goods is no longer a luxury.

gift ideas to send to india from usa

Everyone knows that things bought in the United States in the past may be several times higher than those in China.

Now, it is completely different. Brand goods purchased in the United States are much cheaper than those bought in China. For example, the popular IPHON5 has just been listed in China at a price of 5288 yuan, while the US sales price is only 649 US dollars (equivalent to 4108 yuan). There are also Nike sports shoes exposed some time ago. The price sold in China is more than 1200 yuan, and the price sold in the United States is only 2/3 of it. Japanese and Korean digital products, why go to the United States to buy? When buying digital products, many people will choose Japanese and Korean brands, because most people feel that their products are not only of good quality, but also cheaper than European and American products.

In fact, the quality of Japanese and Korean brands sold in China is not necessarily good. Since European and American countries have very high quality standards for imported goods, the best quality goods produced in Japan and South Korea are generally exported to European and American countries, and the better ones are sold in their own countries. Generally, they are shipped to other countries such as China or India for sale. Especially when it comes to goods produced in China, many people will ask why they travel so far to buy Chinese products? Here I explain that because the quality Standards of goods in Europe and the United States are particularly high, the manufacturers of goods produced in China generally ship the best quality goods to the United States for sale, and the average quality is left for domestic sales.

The price can only be lower than that in China.

For example, the front-loading washing machine with a price of $100 exposed some time ago can be bought for more than 3,000 yuan in China, and its service life is far from that in China. I have a friend who, because of his work relationship, has to travel to and from the United States, Japan and China 4 or 5 times a year. It can be said that he has seen a lot in the world. However, until now, every time he returns to China, he is still as big and small as ever… Recently, I asked him curiously: There are really so many things in foreign countries that we don’t have here, do you need to buy them all at once?

Unexpectedly, his answer surprised me even more: What I bought in the United States and Japan were basically all cheap daily necessities, you see!

Like this bath towel, the texture feels so good, and at Walmart in the United States, the price is only more than 40 yuan in RMB.

It happened to be on sale that day, and I bought it for only $4.

I have carefully compared, and the quality in Chinese shopping malls is not so good, at least it sells for more than 70.

Also, this whole dozen toothpastes, $1.99.

This brand of toothpaste will sell for 8 or 9 yuan here alone… Needless to say, these daily necessities bought back in China are not far away, and almost none of them are not “MadeinChina”. My well-informed friend has little interest in French perfumes and Swiss watches. He is actually taking advantage of every business trip to developed countries to pick up high-quality bargains made in China.

His experience tells him that these “made in China” are difficult to buy in China – either the quality is relatively poor or the price is much higher. Reference: Travel to America

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