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What are some good and inexpensive gifts to bring back to China for classmates in Canada?

Peanut butter, deep-sea fish oil, various daily life vitamins and care products, ice wine, maple sugar, American ginseng, milk powder and promotional products such as brand chocolates and pastries, etc. You will have the opportunity to see the promotion advertisements in major supermarkets

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What things can be brought back to Canada as gifts (special, can be saved)?

Ice wine or some handicrafts sold in Canadian souvenir shops, such as models of CN Tower or something

What gifts to bring to relatives and friends in Canada?

Specialty food When it comes to bringing gifts to relatives and friends, specialty food is the most popular. For people visiting relatives in Canada, meat products, cheese, candy, maple syrup and jam are all good choices. Of course, which specialty to choose also depends on family preferences.

1. Language learning gifts

During studying in Canada, language learning is essential, so we can give some language learning gifts, such as English dictionaries, English pronunciation software, English grammar books, etc., which are good helpers for their language learning in Canada.

Second, game gifts

During studying in Canada, the study pressure is very high, so we can give some game gifts, so that they can relax in their spare time, such as board games, puzzle games, etc., so that they can relax in their spare time.

Go to Canada to visit friends, what gifts should you bring to your friends’ children?

It is best not to bring food, because some things will be checked by customs, you can bring some domestic children’s books

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