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What are the holidays in the Philippines in December?

There are still many festivals, some of which are unique to the country. Even if there are festivals in most countries, Filipinos also have their own unique characteristics. Here is the introduction:

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New Year’s Eve

(December 31 – January 1): Fireworks are set off everywhere in the streets, full of lively and joyous atmosphere. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s reunion with family is a Filipino tradition.

Holy Week

(March 15): The Philippines holds an icon procession and a Passion drama during Easter, and the fasting of Lent. Those who self-flagellate for religious discipline and penitents flog themselves to fulfill their annual vows.


: At dawn, a little girl plays the role of an angel, steps on the clouds, and gently lifts the white veil that covers the Virgin Mary and the risen Christ. At this time, everyone sings Alleluia together.

Mayflower Festival

: Every afternoon, the little girl holds a bouquet to present to the Virgin Mary. On the last Sunday of May, there is a procession of the statue of the Virgin Mary. The young girl donned a white robe full of flowers and followed the statue of the Virgin Mary.

National Day

: June 12 is Philippine Independence Day, commemorating the Philippines’ independence from Spain on June 12, 1898, ending long colonial rule.


(November 1): In memory of their deceased loved ones, families go to the cemetery to lay flowers and burn candles, and hold an all-night vigil. This day becomes a day for family reunions.


(December 25): The Philippines holds a pre-dawn Mass salute. On Christmas Day, everyone gives gifts to each other, and families gather for reunion.

There are many other activities such as cultural and art festivals, sports festivals, exotic festivals, food festivals, tourism festivals, music and drama festivals, etc., which are really colorful. If you are lucky enough to catch up, you must not miss it!

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