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What are the main export goods from countries around the world?

Japan’s Yokohama Port, exports are mainly industrial finished products. Japan’s Kobe Port, exports goods are mainly machinery, textiles, daily necessities, etc. Japan’s Chiba Port exports goods mainly automobiles, steel, ships, etc. Japan’s Nagoya Port, most of the exported goods are transportation machinery, steel, ceramic products, rubber and chemical products

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Singapore Port exports are mainly oil and coal, grain, daily necessities, building materials and machinery and equipment.

Port of Mumbai, India, exports are mainly cotton, cotton fabrics, wheat, peanuts, jute, leather, manganese ore, petroleum products, cane sugar and spices, etc.

Port of Karachi, Pakistan exports are mainly rice, wool, chrome ore, leather, etc.

Port of Aden, Yemen, exports are mainly oil, salt, coffee, cotton, paper, fish and shrimp, etc.

Port of Los Angeles, USA, exports are mainly cotton, petroleum products, aircraft, rubber, other industrial products; imports of steel, wood, coffee and other raw materials. The exports of the Port of San Francisco in the United States are mainly industrial products, petroleum products, grain, dairy products, cement, vegetables and canned fruits

The exports of the Port of Vancouver in Canada are mainly wheat, coal, ore, wood, pulp, flour, fish, etc.;

The exports of the Port of Houston in the United States are mainly oil and wheat.

The exports of the Port of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil are mainly coffee, cane sugar, leather, iron, manganese ore, etc.

The exports of the Port of Buenos Aires in Argentina are mainly Argentine beef, grain, wool, leather, flaxseed, etc.; import machinery, steel, fuel and industrial products, etc.

The French port of Marseille exports mainly grain, oil, coffee, cotton and fertilizers

The Romanian port of Constanta exports mainly petroleum products, grain, wood and machinery products;

The Dutch port of Rotterdam exports mainly steel, chemicals, glass and textiles and other manufactured products.

The German port of Hamburg exports mainly machinery, electronic products, fuels, etc.

The British port of London exports machinery products, steel, chemical products, etc.

The British port of Liverpool exports mainly industrial products, steel, chemicals, machinery and automobiles.

The main transit bulk goods of Amsterdam Port in the Netherlands are ore, coal, cereals, timber, oil, etc.

The export of St. Petersburg Port in Russia is mainly machinery, meters, power station equipment, machine tools, etc.

The export of Gothenburg Port in Sweden is mainly pulp and paper, wood, automobiles, steel, etc.;

The export of Lisbon Port in Portugal is mainly wine, cork, turpentine, canned sardines, etc.

The export of Maputo Port in Mozambique is mainly coal, iron, asbestos, cane sugar, cotton, sisal, coconut, etc.;

The export of Alexandria Port in Egypt is mainly cotton, textiles, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Egypt’s Port Said exports are mainly cotton, rice, salt, frozen food.

South Africa’s Cape Town Port exports are mainly fruits, canned food, leather, wool, textiles, etc.

Liberia’s Monrovia Port exports are mainly rubber, iron ore, gold, diamonds, palm oil, forest products, etc.

Australia’s Sydney Port exports are mainly coal, wool and wheat.

New Zealand’s Auckland Port exports are mainly dairy products, meat products, wool, etc.

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