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What are the promotion methods of bottled water?

Use a variety of ways to build momentum, attract people’s attention, and use free water delivery, free bucket delivery, one-to-one communication and other promotion methods to create a hot scene

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There are many specific promotion methods, but in general, it can be divided into two parts.

Consumer-centric promotion

Cost coupon: A cost coupon is a certificate marked with a price given to customers by a commercial unit along with advertisements or the outer packaging of a product, but its value can only be realized in the store designated by the person responsible for the cost coupon. Usually customers can get a few percent discount on the price when shopping with price coupons, but there is another kind of “automatic settlement price coupons” that can be exchanged for currency after shopping with price coupons, and the discount ratio is even larger. At the beginning of the 1990s, some stores in Beijing began to use price coupons, but the scale was far less common than that in stores in the United States. Beijing Saite Shopping Center has issued a series of “clothing, food, and use” price coupons, and the amount of coupons is 20 yuan, 10 yuan, and 20 yuan respectively.

Additional transaction: An additional transaction is a short-term price reduction method, and its specific method is to pay customers a certain amount of the same product for free in the transaction. The common business language of this approach is “buy a few get a few free”. Additional deals are also widely used by fast food restaurants, such as at the “Pizza Hut” bakery in Beijing, where customers can get different free drinks depending on the amount of meal if they dine during a specified quiet time in the store.

Discount: Discount is a discount on the price of the product when selling the product. The discount range is generally from 5% to 50%. If the range is too large or too small, it will cause customers to doubt the authenticity of the promotion. The discount logo can be published outside the store or marked on the display location of the discounted product.

Rebate: The rebate to the consumer is not realized immediately after the consumer purchases the product, but requires a certain step to complete. Usually the rebate logo is attached to the product packaging or directly printed on the product packaging. For example, the rebate logo for alcohol is usually put on the mouth of the bottle. After the consumer purchases the product with the rebate logo, the rebate label needs to be sent back to the manufacturer, and then the manufacturer will send a check to the consumer according to the amount of rebate on the label.

Bonus sales: Bonus sales are one of the most attractive promotions because once the consumer wins the lottery, the value of the prize is very attractive, and many consumers are willing to try this risk-free prize purchase activity. In China, the law stipulates that the amount of a single prize sold with a prize cannot exceed 5,000 yuan. In addition to the prizes that are bought and opened immediately, in order to improve the credibility of the prize sales, the organizers of the lottery generally ask the notary to supervise the lottery site and publish the results of the lottery in the local newspaper with a large circulation.

Sample: The meaning of sample in the promotion strategy includes giving away new products in small packages and on-site tasting. When launching new products, many companies are willing to give consumers products in small packages as a means to promote products and stimulate purchases. If it is food, they simply take it to the store and ask customers to taste it directly.

On-site demonstration: The promotion method of on-site demonstration is also to enable customers to quickly understand the characteristics and performance of the product, so as to motivate customers to buy. There are more and more types of products on the Beijing market, including steam irons, food processors, various cleaning tools and health care products. On-site demonstrations can greatly save the cost of introducing products by mailing advertisements, and allow customers to experience the situation and get a perceptual understanding.

Competition: There are many methods of competition. The common ones are intellectual and intellectual competitions. Most of the content is related to the company that sells the product or its products. The prizes of the competition are generally in kind, but there are also rewards expressed as free travel. The competition can also have a variety of venues. Companies sometimes complete the competition by holding game-like programs on TV stations, and achieve the purpose of promoting the company and products by distributing their products on TV programs.

Gifts: Companies can also take advantage of some opportunities and occasions to distribute their products as gifts to increase the popularity of the company and its products. Of course, sometimes companies only spend a small amount of money to distribute briefcases, bags, etc. with the factory name printed on them at exhibitions or other occasions, but this is also a very economical way to expand the company’s reputation.

Trade fairs: Trade fairs integrate merchandise display and sales activities, and are a very popular business activity in recent years. When the products of the trade fair are sold directly by the manufacturer, the price will be slightly lower than the retail price. Since most of the consumers participating in the trade fair have the desire to buy cheap goods, if the level of the goods on display is high, the sales of the manufacturer can reach a considerable level.

Promotions centered on enterprises and organizations

In addition to promoting sales activities in the form of advertisements and personal promotions, manufacturers also use business promotion means in transactions with intermediaries. These means are mainly: commercial discounts, bulk discounts, commercial discounts and fee subsidies.

Commercial discount: If a retail unit issues a price voucher to the public, then, within the valid period of the price voucher, the manufacturer must compensate the customer when selling products to the retail unit that issued the price voucher. In order to avoid disputes, this kind of commercial discount between the manufacturer and the sales unit is generally guaranteed by signing a contract.

Bulk discount: Bulk discount refers to the production enterprise and the middleman or between the wholesaler and the retailer, according to the number of purchased goods, giving a certain amount of free goods of the same kind. For example, the practice of giving one box free of charge for every ten boxes of a certain commodity purchased is a batch discount. The purpose of the batch discount is to encourage the middleman to increase the purchase volume.

Commercial discounts: In transactions between enterprises and middlemen or between wholesalers and retailers, a certain percentage of price discounts is often used. This kind of discount is called a commercial discount because it is a discount within the distribution channel. The basis of this practice is the price elasticity of demand, that is, when the price decreases, the demand will increase.

Expense subsidies: When retailers cooperate with manufacturers to carry out promotional activities, they sometimes increase part of the cost. These costs are sometimes spent on advertising and sometimes on the display of goods in the store. For this reason, the manufacturer generally gives part of the subsidy to the middleman. When the middlemen themselves transport the products from the warehouse of the manufacturer to the place of sale, they can also receive the cost subsidy given by the manufacturer.

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