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What are the Swiss specialties that can be brought back to China?

There are many local specialties in Switzerland, such as crystal stones, chocolates, cheese, clocks, etc. It is recommended that you go to a special Swiss travel club. The experts who make plans are very familiar with the local area and can tailor the itinerary. They will tell you what specialties are available. There is an electronic guide who can navigate in Chinese. You can also take pictures and translate. It’s called Frog Tour

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What does it mean for Spaniards to give Swiss Army knives?

In Spanish culture, giving gifts is a common social behavior, usually representing emotions such as friendship, gratitude, respect or love. However, there is no particular meaning or tradition in giving a Swiss Army knife as a gift, as the Swiss Army knife is not a traditional gift in Spanish culture.

The Swiss Army knife is a versatile tool that usually includes tools such as blades, scissors, screwdrivers, bottle openers, etc. It is very practical. Therefore, if a Spaniard gives you a Swiss Army knife, it may just be because they think it is a practical gift that can help you deal with various problems more conveniently in your daily life.

Of course, if there is a special relationship or emotion between the gifter and the recipient, then this Swiss Army knife may also have a special meaning, such as representing emotions such as friendship, gratitude or love. However, in this case, gifters usually attach a note to the gift or verbally express their feelings to ensure that the recipient can understand the meaning of the gift.

What is the purpose of a girl giving a boy a Swiss Army knife as a birthday gift?

It should be that you feel that there is nothing to give you, and you don’t have any knives or the like. Hehe, you think too much

What etiquette should you pay attention to when dealing with Swiss tourists?

The social etiquette and taboos in Switzerland, the requirements for civilization and courtesy, etc. are basically the same as those in other Western countries. If you have a good understanding of the general customs and etiquette requirements of Western countries and follow them correctly, there will be no problems in dealing with Swiss people. There are many books introducing the etiquette and customs of Western countries. I will not repeat them here. I will only mention a few of the more characteristic or slightly different aspects of Switzerland.

In public meetings, whether it is an institution or a restaurant, when Swiss people interact with each other, “hello”, “thank you”, “please,” and other polite words are frequently used, especially in the German-speaking area, people always carry these words verbally. If you accidentally touch the other person, he may also smile at you and say sorry. These are not particularly humble expressions, nor do they mean to treat people warmly. They are just a habit in people’s lives. Of course, they also reflect national literacy. If you do not respond to this polite attitude, it will show that you are a lack of education.

The Swiss love cleanliness. Not only are their personal homes clean and tidy, but they also pay great attention to maintaining the hygiene of public places. Whether it is urban or rural, there is rarely a phenomenon of discarding waste. They also attach great importance to environmental pollution, so there are many strict and specific regulations on protecting environmental hygiene and preventing pollution. For example, residential waste must be sorted and bagged. When placed at a designated location on a designated date, the glass bottle alone requires residents to put the waste bottle into the recycling equipment on the street, and it must be put in white, brown, and miscellaneous colors from the designated openings. The Swiss can also do it without supervision and at no cost. Foreigners should get along well with the Swiss, gain their trust and goodwill, and abide by these regulations, because this is not only a matter of law, but also a matter of courtesy.

Like other Westerners, Swiss people do not want others to inquire about their personal affairs, especially money and personal income. They love to talk about sports, tourism, politics and topics related to Switzerland. Topics such as weight loss and dieting can make them feel unappetizing and discouraged, especially when eating.

The different languages, cultures, religious beliefs, and human temperament of the Swiss regions are obvious, and there are inevitably regional concepts and certain barriers. Therefore, it is inappropriate to avoid talking about people in one region about things in another region, whether it is praise or criticism.

The Swiss are very particular about giving flowers and are not used to accepting three red roses from others, because it is romantic and can only be accepted on specific occasions. But it is acceptable to give 1 or 20 as a gift. They cherish edelweiss and use it to symbolize supreme honor. They often offer it as the most precious gift to foreign guests to express friendship, sincerity and reverence.

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