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What color is Beirut?

It is white.

send gifts to lebanon beirut

Lebanon is a country in the Middle East, located in western Asia, from the eastern Mediterranean to parts of the Persian Gulf coast, including most of West Asia outside Afghanistan and Egypt in Africa, about 23 countries and regions, more than 15 million square kilometers, about 4.90 billion population.

The Middle East includes Saudi Arabia, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, etc. These are all white people.

Does Lebanon celebrate Christmas?

Celebrate Christmas. Lebanon is also a multi-religious country. The president is a Christian Ma Long, the prime minister is a Sunni Muslim, and the Shiite Muslim is the speaker of the parliament. Here, people congratulate and celebrate each other on major Christian and Islamic festivals.

As Christmas approaches, Lebanese people dress up their cities and villages early. In the capital Beirut, you can see all kinds of Christmas trees and Christmas gifts everywhere, and feel the strong Christmas atmosphere, which seems to make people living here temporarily forget that this is a country with frequent wars.

Affected by the spillover of the Syrian crisis, Lebanon is in political turmoil, the economy is in serious trouble, and the security situation is deteriorating. Armed conflicts, bombings, kidnappings and other violent incidents often occur in many regions, including the capital Beirut, causing this country, which was once known as the little Paris of the Middle East, to suffer huge losses. However, the war-torn Lebanese are more eager for peace and tranquility, and they hope to hold Christmas celebrations to pray for the country to restore peace and stability as soon as possible.

At the same time, Lebanon is also a country with multi-religious coexistence. The president is a Christian Ma Long, the prime minister is a Sunni Muslim, and the Shiite Muslim is the speaker. Here, people congratulate and celebrate each other on major festivals of Christianity and Islam.

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