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What does a gift card mean?

A gift card is a prepaid card that can be exchanged for goods or services. Usually the buyer will pay a certain amount of money and then receive a card with a record of the redeemable amount or the goods or services that can be purchased. The holder can use the card to spend at the designated store or website, as long as the consumption amount does not exceed the balance in the card. A gift card is a convenient and quick gift that allows the recipient to choose what he needs. In addition, gift cards can also be given with better etiquette.

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How to buy a Sinopec Group gift card?

Sinopec Group gift cards need to be purchased at the global procurement of bulk commodities in the Sinopec Group sales center. Usually, the Sinopec Group gift cards are handled by some companies, in order to give these gift cards back to their trading partners or customers as gifts. The face value of the gift card is usually not more than 2,000 yuan. And this gift card is an anonymous prepaid card, so it cannot be reported as lost or exchanged for cash.

WeChat How to buy gift cards?

Through the following two entrances, you can open the “Social Gift Experience” page.

– Staged entrance: I – Wallet – List of third-party services – Starbucks (limited-time promotion)

– “Starbucks China” official WeChat official account – Menu bar – say with stars

2. Choose a single cup of coffee or “Star Gift Card” (stored value card), and give it to WeChat friends after online payment. You can also use different themes to convey different thoughts.

3. On the “Leave a Blessing” page, attach text, photos, or a video to pass your thoughts to TA.

Want to buy a shopping card for gifts, what card is better?

Here are some suggestions for buying a shopping card:

Shopping card, also called prepaid card, divided into multi-purpose card and single-purpose card, multi-purpose card (or general card) can be understood as a variety of industries can be used, general merchandise, supermarkets, electrical appliances, clothing, housing and other types of merchants; single-purpose card, in the shopping mall or supermarket to buy things in the card.

Choose a prepaid card and first analyze your own needs and goals. If you are very concerned about the purchase discount, choose a single-purpose card (currently available in major shopping malls and supermarkets in various cities); if you are price-sensitive and more targeted, choose a multi-purpose card. In addition, if the amount is not large, you can buy a supermarket card for less than 300 yuan.

If you choose a multi-purpose card, you need to know the market environment of the local multi-purpose card and which payment company provides the card.

First of all, choose a company with a payment license (from 2010, the issuance of multi-purpose prepaid cards needs to be approved by the People’s Bank of China to issue a payment business license); secondly, it depends on the quality and quantity of merchants used, the quality of supermarkets and shopping malls is necessary (that is, to basically satisfy the brands of supermarkets and shopping malls), and other lifestyle merchants can be used as embellishments. There is also the need for cross-regional use, because the payment licenses approved by the People’s Bank of China are licensed in the geographical range, generally within the province, and some are regional, and there are very few in the country.

If your budget is 500-1000, you can choose the province; if it is more than 1000, and your target customers are more quality, you often need to go to the prefecture and city. Cross-provincial is OK, and the whole country is better.

If you choose a national general card, I currently know that there are personal information and information business cards. His information shows that they can be used in 28 provinces and more than 50 cities across the country, which is an option (they have branches in each province, you can go to their website or customer service phone to find out).

Tianjin area:

Single-purpose card: Friendship, Hisense, China Resources, Carrefour, Walmart (currently commercial enterprises due to real-name problems, the general card face value is less than 1000 yuan, the processing time is the same as the business hours of the mall, generally expires group buying department or Client Server department)

Multi-purpose: Chengtong card (available in Tianjin area), capital and information business card (available in Tianjin and the whole country) (multi-purpose card is generally less than 5000 yuan, the processing time is 9:00-17:00 on working days, generally the company’s office location)

The above is for reference only.

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