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What does it mean to send a seal?

A seal, a letter, and a right. Throughout the ages, a seal has been a symbol of power and status; a manifestation of responsibility and credit, and a beloved thing played by literati and scholars. 1. You can carve a name seal for yourself as a representative of your unique personality. Because you, me, him and everyone in the world are unique. And every seal is also unique. This is a truly personalized thing. Only a hand-carved seal can be truly unique. A machine-carved regular script seal is different from this “seal”. 2. You can carve a pair of couple seals for yourself and your lover. Make two seals in pairs, and let the seal become a token to witness your eternal love. Bead joint seal, romance forever, the side (side of the seal) can be engraved with the words “holding the hand and growing old with the son”, etc., your favorite words. 3. You can engrave a book seal for yourself. In this way, you can engrave your mark on each carefully selected book. 4. You can engrave a seal to give to your friends, colleagues, classmates, comrades-in-arms………………….. When you have a birthday, when you part, when you want to thank someone………………. Many times, you want to choose a gift to give to others. You want the gift to be elegant and refined, meaningful, memorable forever, and valued and liked by the other party. And everyone’s favorite word is their own name. You give him a badge, he will not dislike such a gift, and he will not be unhappy to receive such a gift. The deep friendship you want to express is self-evident. 5. You can engrave a sentence, motto, etc. that you like and you like. You have resonance, and you feel that has benefited you endlessly. 6. You can engrave a seal for the company and store you run. It can reflect the Chinese characteristics of your business and the profound traditional Chinese culture.

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