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What gift did Shandong Province give to Hong Kong’s return in 1997?

To celebrate the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, the people’s governments of 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government presented congratulatory gifts to the Special Administrative Region. They are: Shandong: mahogany screen “The Weeping Mount Tai Welcomes the Return of Hong Kong”

how to send harbor freight item as gift

The Thai gemstone gold and silver inlaid mahogany screen “The Weeping Mount Tai Welcomes the Return of Hong Kong” presented by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government. The main picture is the majestic and exclusive Mount Tai of the Five Mountains, which contains the soul of Chinese civilization and the spirit of self-improvement, and embodies the deep meaning of the country’s peace and prosperity and the people’s strength; the nine cranes soaring in the sky refer to the people’s desire to return to the unity of 99 and the charm of Lugang’s unity; the rising red sun symbolizes the prosperous and brilliant future of the motherland.

How to get the Dumtley harbor bubbles in the country of forest?

The Kingdom of Mori Dumtley Harbor Bubble refers to creating a unique atmosphere around the harbor to attract tourists and residents by creating an atmosphere suitable for leisure, relaxation and pleasure. Here are some ways to consider: 1. Comfortable Leisure Area: Set up a leisure area, providing comfortable outdoor seating, parasols, sun loungers, etc., for tourists to rest, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the sun. 2. Creative Decoration: Use creative decorative items to create an atmosphere, such as colorful balloons, marine-themed art installations, rainbow lights, etc., to increase the visual appeal. 3. Ambient Music: Play relaxed and pleasant music, such as the quiet sound of the ocean, light dance music or melodious music, to provide visitors with comfortable auditory enjoyment. 4. Event Planning: Organize a variety of interesting activities, such as beach volleyball games, water sports games, street performers’ performances, etc., to increase participation and interactivity. 5. Food Experience: Provide a rich variety of seafood and local specialties, providing tourists with the opportunity to taste and satisfy their taste buds. 6. Bubble Art Performance: Arrange bubble artists to perform bubble performances in the harbor to attract the attention of tourists in unique ways such as large bubbles and bubble sculptures. 7. Peripheral Commercial Supporting Facilities: Arrange surrounding commercial supporting facilities, such as cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc., to provide tourists with convenience and shopping options. Through the above methods, a vibrant and attractive Dumtley Harbor Bubble in the Land of Mori can be created, attracting more tourists and residents to come and play and leisure.

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