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What gift did you bring back from Australia?


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It is one of the specialties of Australia, because its greatest feature is “moisturizing but never greasy, well absorbed, soft and delicate”.

This is mainly because the structure of suet is similar to the surface oil of the human body, and it is the most suitable for human use among all animal oils, which also makes it have quite good absorption. The effect of preventing dry skin in autumn and winter is quite obvious. Although suet is oily, it has no greasy feeling at all.

What gift do you give back to Australia?

. Herbal Rejuvenation Serum: Contains powerful repair herbal extracts and aromatic essential oils, which comprehensively repair, tighten, moisturize and activate skin cells, enhance skin moisture and luster

3. Daytime Hydrating Brightening and Moisturizing Day Cream: Contains the natural power of calendula and chamomile, and cooperates with precious rosehip oil and avocado oil to comprehensively moisturize and protect the skin.

NO. 2 Sugar

When traveling to Australia, I want to buy some specialties as a souvenir. Australian wool is famous all over the world, and suet is also one of the most famous specialties. In addition to moisturizing the face and body, what other uses are there for suet?

A parting gift for foreign friends?

There are several great gifts. I have always liked them. I hope they can help you! I also wish your friends success in their studies!


Cheer up the plant

At first glance, you must think it is a red rose, right? No, no, it is a plant from Australia –

Bank wood.

The unique shape of Bankwood is different from most flowers in the world. It gives people a sense of weakness. It shows Australia’s unique style with its passionate and arrogant image.

It is different from roses.

The flower language of Bankwood

must be independent and brave. Its appearance and state are full of tension and passion of life, but it retains the calmness and indifference that is not afraid of life and death.

Send Ta


, there is still a long way to go in the future, and you can walk the long road of life. May Ta face up to any difficulties with full positive energy in the days to come!

Reference price:

137 yuan



This bookmark Don’t look at him dark, he has a lot of background! First of all, the craft of this bookmark is mahogany inlaid with silver, which belongs to the national intangible cultural heritage. It has a history of more than 200 years and is a unique intangible cultural heritage handicraft in Weifang. It belongs to China and was once used as a diplomatic gift.

It is very suitable for a close friend who likes to read.

The front is the word “Shangshang”, which means that everything goes well. The back can be customized with lettering. You can choose a variety of fonts such as small seals, square seals, etc. The decoration includes lanyard beads and tassels.

Reference price:

99 yuan-388


Under the tree

A good-looking potted plant without worrying about breeding

. Life is always so busy. Occasionally stretch, stop typing on the keyboard with your fingertips, glance at the potted plants next to your desk, and experience a quiet and relaxing feeling of strolling in nature.

“One” and “pair” are different stories

, have you ever thought of giving Ta a little novel gadgets? Come and try this “under the tree”!

Reference price:

76 yuan

Follow the penguin gift guide (qieliwuzn) to take you to discover more novel and fun!

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