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What gift do friends give when they are pregnant?

In modern society, mobile phones, computers and other electrical appliances are used more and more frequently, which brings convenience to people. At the same time, experts have also begun to call on people to be vigilant about the harm caused by their radiation to the body.

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It is recommended that expectant mothers wear radiation-proof maternity clothes to protect their babies from the beginning of pregnancy.

The production of radiation-proof clothing for pregnant women is to weave metal fibers and fabrics together into fabrics to make clothes. Metal mesh can absorb and shield electromagnetic waves. In order to protect the fetus from electromagnetic radiation, wearing radiation-proof clothing is to avoid damage to the hematopoietic central nervous system of adults, so as to protect the fetus.

Recommended for expectant mothers or women who want to become mothers. Don’t be afraid to give weight. Change a few more pieces to make it more beautiful

What gift to give to celebrate pregnancy?

When celebrating pregnancy, gifts to expectant mothers should be both practical and considerate. Here are some suggestions:

1. Skin care products for pregnant women: Choose natural and gentle skin care products, such as stretch mark cream, facial care oil, etc., to help expectant mothers maintain healthy skin.

2. Maternity pillows: Provide a comfortable sleeping environment for expectant mothers and relieve pressure on the lower back.

3. Maternity clothes: Buy some comfortable and loose clothes suitable for pregnancy wear, so that the expectant mother can still stay fashionable during pregnancy.

4. Nutrition products: such as folic acid, calcium tablets, etc., to help the expectant mother replenish the nutrients she needs during pregnancy.

5. Books or magazines: Books or magazines about pregnancy health care and parenting knowledge to help the expectant mother better understand pregnancy and parenting knowledge.

6. Massage or SPA gift certificate: Let the expectant mother relax and soothe during pregnancy.

7. Customized gifts: such as customizing an apron, towel, etc. with the baby’s name, so that the expectant mother can feel cared for.

8. Baby Supplies: Prepare some necessities for the baby in advance, such as clothing, diapers, milk bottles, etc.

9. Meal Delivery Service: The expectant mother provides regular meal delivery service, so that she does not need to worry about eating during pregnancy.

10. Companionship and Care: The most important gift is to accompany and care. Spend more time with the expectant mother, care about her body and emotions, and let her feel the support of her family and friends.

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