Holiday gifts

What gift do you give your child to go to school?

Send Qimen black tea

sending a gift to a child in the uk

Qimen black tea is a leader in “black tea”, and it is famous for its “high fragrance, mellow taste, beautiful shape and bright color”. Qingdrink can better appreciate the special fragrance of Qimen black tea. After adding milk, it is milky pink, and its fragrance characteristics still exist. Therefore, it has won high praise in the international market. British tea consumers like to drink “Qi Hong” the most, especially older people are especially interested in high-end “Qi Hong”. Some drink it as a treasure in “afternoon tea”, some drink it as a breakfast tea, or display it to show nobility, or give it to relatives and friends as a treasure.

The characteristics of Qimen black tea: its appearance is tight and thin, the seedlings show a little bit, and the color is dark and moist; the aroma of tea leaves is long-lasting, like fruity and orchid, and this aroma is specially called “Qimen Fragrance” in the international tea market; the color of tea soup and leaf bottom is red and bright, the taste is fresh and mellow, and the aftertaste is meaningful. Even if you drink it with milk and sugar, its fragrance is not only not reduced, but more fragrant.

What gift do you give when you go to study in the UK?

Creative Notebook

You can make a unique notebook by yourself to record the bits and pieces of your study abroad life.

Add some interesting stickers, cartoon characters, etc. to the notebook to make the study abroad life more interesting.

2. Language learning materials

You can also send some learning materials about the local language, such as dictionaries, grammar books, etc.

You can also send some members of language learning APPs or online classes.

3. Maps/travel books

You can send a map of the local city to facilitate international students to better understand and adapt to the city.

What gift is good for the British (a Chinese gift that is popular with the British)?

Taboos and principles for giving gifts to the British


1. The British hate gifts marked by the company. If it is a company gift, it is best to give it in the name of the boss and private.

2. It is best to give lighter gifts when giving gifts. Spending too much can be mistaken for a bribe.

3. The appropriate time to give gifts should be after dinner or after watching the play

4. The British pay attention to appearance and like high-end chocolate, famous wine, black tea and flowers. These gifts are the favorite things of the British. Scotch whisky is also a very popular gift, but it is not a strong whisky.

5. In the UK, items such as clothing and soap are generally not given as gifts because they are too personal.

6. When giving a gift, you must express the meaning, characteristics, and purpose, and explain that it is carefully selected for the other party.

7. Never say “small meaning” or “can’t take it out” humble words.

8. It is not very useful to give Westerners the four treasures of the study. You don’t need to give this one

9. Chrysanthemums are only used for Halloween or funerals in any European country. White lilies symbolize death in the UK and should not be given away.

10. Don’t send Chinese knots and the like. In some stores in the UK, you can buy Chinese knots


Chinese gifts that are popular with the British


1. Tea can almost be called the national drink of the United Kingdom, and British women are addicted to tea. The British like freshly brewed strong tea, especially Yingde black tea, which was once the royal black tea of the Queen of England. Black tea can be said to be popular all over the country in the United Kingdom, so you can send wild Yingde black tea from China

2. A bottle of famous French wine is also very suitable. Generally, foreigners who work like to drink wine.

3. Chinese ceramics such as blue and white porcelain are also very popular.

4. Silk scarf, silk scarf

5. Handkerchief from Suzhou embroidery or Xiangxiang

6. Hand-painted snuff bottle

7. Commemorative stamps from China

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