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What gift is better to give to German customers?

When giving gifts to German customers, you can consider German culture and business etiquette, and choose some gifts that reflect Chinese characteristics and high quality. Here are some suggested gifts:

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Gifts with Chinese characteristics:

Tea leaves: High-quality green tea, black tea or Pu’er tea.

Tea sets: such as purple sand teapots, teacups, saucers, etc.

Handicrafts: such as Chinese-style calligraphy, embroidery, porcelain or traditional handicrafts.

Red wine or Baijiu: High-quality Chinese Baijiu or red wine.

Specialty foods: such as moon cakes, pastries, snacks, etc.

High-quality gifts:

Brand-name leather goods: such as high-end leather bags, wallets, business card holders, etc.

High-quality red wine: Choose internationally renowned high-quality red wine.

Electronic products: such as smart watches, earphones, power banks, etc.

Beauty and skin care products: high-end skin care products or cosmetic sets.

Luxury trinkets: such as high-end scarves, ties, bow ties, etc.

Corporate customized gifts:

Corporate LOGO gifts: such as customized pens, notebooks, pendants, T-shirts, etc.

High-end office supplies: such as high-end pens, notebooks, folders, etc.


Cultural nuance: Considering the cultural nuance of China and Germany, gifts should respect German culture and customs, and avoid some gifts that may cause misunderstanding or discomfort.

Avoid being too extravagant: Avoid giving gifts that are too extravagant or too personal, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to the other party.

Exquisite packaging: Gifts should be carefully packaged to reflect the high-end and delicate gift, which can strengthen the good impression on customers.

When choosing a gift, it is best to understand the customer’s interests and preferences in advance to ensure that the choice of gifts is appropriate and appropriate.

What gift to give to a German friend?

A set of Chinese tea set and tea leaves!!

Guarantee that they like it very much and it is very decent.

My husband is German-American. We visit relatives every year, and his relatives and friends ask us to bring them Chinese tea.

I gave a set of Chinese tea set to my brother-in-law. His wife loves it so much that she is never willing to use it, and people show it off when they come. In fact, the tea set is only more than 200 yuan. Summarizing several years of experience in visiting relatives and giving gifts, Chinese tea and tea sets are always the most popular, and they think they are quite expensive gifts.

For him and his brother, you can buy craft knives, the kind of Japanese knives that can be placed on the shelf, they like it very much, and they can be shipped with luggage.

In addition, it is good to buy pearl necklaces or silk pajamas for his mother.

These two things are very expensive abroad.

If it’s just him giving you a gift, and his family doesn’t give you a gift, it is recommended that you don’t give gifts to his family.

Because Westerners are very cautious about giving gifts.

If you don’t meet his family and give gifts, others will think you have a purpose.

However, if you are invited to their house as a guest, it’s another matter.

If you give it to him personally, given his age, you will give a craft knife, and Chinese men’s clothing (not silk fabrics), he will like it very much. Tell him that this is a Bruce Lee-style kung fu suit.

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