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What gift is suitable for the mother of the newborn?

1. Send maternal milk powder, the mother replenishes it, and the baby absorbs it through breast milk.

gifts to send to new moms

2. Or a baby stroller, so that it is also convenient to take the baby out in the future.

3. To be more vulgar, the money is the best. You can’t ask her what she needs? Some things are bought but useless. What people give me is unopened, and as long as it is given to other people, many of my friends at that time sent money, so I can buy the child and what I need by myself, which is the best.

4. Send some nourishing nutrients to the mother. The mother who has just given birth should eat well. But the people next to me only think about the baby and forget the needs of the mother.

5. Ordinary people can’t think of it… The strap, the kind used by foreigners on TV, I use it very well. Sleeping belt, the baby can’t kick the quilt in winter. Linen mat, there is a kind of special bed that is now universal, and that thing can be used as a bed sheet all year round. The most affordable thing is that the diaper is wet, don’t look at the many gifts, it’s not enough, but there is one thing… Don’t send a small size, because relatives and friends usually send a small size. Looking at the baby’s small size, the baby grows very fast. When the baby uses a medium size and a large size, the peak of sending things has passed, so you can only buy it yourself. Then I see that the diaper you sent is wet, hehe, they will miss your benefits. My small size has 2 more packs of useless, and the medium size only has 2 packs sent by 2 relatives, which will be good enough. The large size is only given by one relative……….. It will cost money. 6. Boxed baby shirts, infant bath series (a set) are all within 150 yuan, or the baby’s baby sleeping quilt is also full of 300 yuan. In short,

What gift is good for a new pregnant mother?

Suitable gifts for pregnant women:

1. Nutritious food: You can buy some foods suitable for pregnant women. For example, dates, walnuts, fresh fruits, etc., there is definitely nothing wrong with buying such things, and the fruits can be eaten, and they also have a fruity aroma when placed indoors.

2. Pregnant women pillows: Pregnant women pillows can help pregnant mothers support their lazy bodies and let pregnant mothers sleep well, so sending pregnant women pillows to pregnant mothers is the most intimate choice. Can help pregnant women get a good rest and sleep.

3. Pregnancy skin care products: Many pregnant women will face bad skin during pregnancy, and the vast majority of pregnant women will grow unsightly stretch marks, which makes pregnant women who originally love beauty distressed. At this time, it will be more considerate to send pregnancy skin care products.

4. Prenatal education supplies: Prenatal education is also a concern of many young pregnant women in modern times, and the importance of prenatal education is naturally self-evident. When visiting pregnant women, you may wish to buy some prenatal education supplies as gifts.

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