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What gift should I give to an Indian guest?

Gifts with logos can show your attention and care. Being able to use gifts to convey your name or words to him/her is a gift to him (her), and it can also make his (her) name meaningful.

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When traveling to India, what is the best thing to bring back to China?

Recommend eight things worth bringing back from Indonesia. Please be patient and read the content in more detail.

Indian handicrafts and specialties are rich in strong folk customs. For tourists who love exotic flavors, India can be called a shopping paradise. In Delhi, the capital of India, you can buy specialties and handicrafts from various states and provinces. The quality is better than that of the place of origin, and the price is not necessarily more expensive than that of the place of origin.

Specialty recommendation 1: Darjeeling black tea

Specialty introduction

The main feature of Darjeeling black tea is that it contains musk grape flavor, but the quality and smell of tea will vary depending on the climate conditions, picking period and production time. Generally speaking, spring tea picked between April and May every year is the top grade.

Specialty Recommendation 2: Spices

Specialty Introduction

Spices are a kind of magic that makes food full of vivid expressions and opens up people’s taste depth. They are the soul of many Indian daily foods. In China, spices are gradually accepted and loved by people. India, a major spice plant origin, allows you to taste various spices while gaining a deeper understanding and experience of them, and let you know about their unique uses, as well as related traditional history and culture.

Specialty Recommendation 3: Brass Products

Specialty Introduction

Indians also like to drink tea like the Chinese. The difference is that Chinese people like to use ceramic and purple sand utensils to drink tea; Indians like to use brass containers. It is said that Indians drink tea to make tea, and milk, sugar, etc. are added. Brass can bring out the unique aroma of this tea.

Specialty promotion 4: Kashmir shawls and carpets

Specialty introduction

Carpets, shawls, etc. in Kashmir are special products that are famous overseas. Kashmir carpets are available in wool and silk, with soft and elegant colors and full of Mughal-style plants and flowers. Pashmina shawls made from the wool of Himalayan mountain sheep are delicate in texture and are deeply loved by the fashion industry.

Specialty Recommendation 5: Furniture

Specialty Introduction

Furniture, wooden boxes, frames, fans, and statues made of sandalwood are popular in northern India; while in Kashmir, it is made of walnut, with smooth flower and leaf patterns engraved on it. The two kinds of furniture are very exquisite, very exotic in India, and quite mysterious. It is worth noting that there are restrictions on the export of antique furniture. Ask the store before buying.

Specialty Recommendation 6: Jewelry

Specialty Introduction

Indian women like to wear jewelry to embellish themselves. As long as you encounter a large festival, you can see that you can see the graceful and gorgeous Indian women. Wearing Indian jewelry is equivalent to covering yourself with a clear yarn, and that mysterious beauty will be secretly released. Indian jewelry is not expensive, you can buy it with confidence, and there are many varieties, including gemstones, silver jewelry, necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, etc.

Specialty Proposal 7: Art

Specialty Profile

Art in India includes sculpture, painting, etc., which are worth buying. As one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, India has produced a splendid civilization, among which his art is incomparably bright and radiant. One feature is that these artworks are very religious. Similarly, when buying, you should also pay attention to whether what you buy is an antique, and you must ask carefully to avoid unnecessary trouble when leaving the country.

Specialty Recommendation 8: God Oil

Specialty Introduction

The name of Indian God Oil is well-known, and it was not only used for men and women in the first place. It was some believers who went to the mountains to purify their hearts and practice, and they would apply the God Oil to the whole body, which seemed to play a protective role on the body.

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