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What gift to bring back when you go to Frankfurt, Germany?

You can buy a lot of chocolate to take back to your children. German chocolate is very cheap, generally less than 1 euro for 100g, and the packaging is also beautiful. It is recommended to buy it in the supermarket in Frankfurt, which is cheaper than the duty-free shop at the airport.

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Of course you can buy perfume and cosmetics for your wife. This is the most cost-effective way to buy it in the duty-free shop at the airport, and there are often discounts, which are specially placed on a cabinet. The best world-class brands are only twenty or thirty euros. I recommend Lankou and Dior.

For parents, I suggest bringing some better chocolates, and I recommend Lindt, Switzerland.

List of must-buy gifts for returning from a trip to Germany?

There are five main categories of things worth buying in Germany:

1. German Chocolate: Thick and silky chocolate is also very famous in Germany. Chocolate that dissolves in the mouth will feel tightly surrounded by happiness. Each chocolate will bring a different taste.

2. German Handmade Art: Portraits of children made of ceramics, train models and other handicrafts are very popular in the world.

3. German Leather Goods: The long-lasting German leather goods series is highly respected by all walks of life. The quality of various styles such as coin bags, wallets, handbags, and travel bags is guaranteed to a certain extent.

4. German cuckoo clock: produced in the famous German Black Forest area on the border between southwest Germany and France and Switzerland. As the most famous local handmade art, it is also one of the national symbols of Germany in the eyes of foreigners.

5. Swarovski: The world’s leading manufacturer of precision-cut imitation crystals, providing imitation crystal elements for fashion clothing, jewelry, lighting, architecture and interior design. You can buy watches and other related jewelry, and its unique design style is popular with many tourists.

What gift is better for German customers?

When German customers send gifts, they can consider German culture and business etiquette, and choose some gifts that reflect Chinese characteristics and high quality. Here are some suggested gifts:

Gifts with Chinese characteristics:

Tea leaves: High-quality green tea, black tea or Pu’er tea.

Tea sets: Such as purple sand teapots, teacups, saucers, etc.

Handicrafts: Such as Chinese-style calligraphy, embroidery, porcelain or traditional handicrafts.

Red wine or Baijiu: High-quality Chinese Baijiu or red wine.

Specialty foods: Such as moon cakes, pastries, snacks, etc.

High-quality gifts:

Famous brand leather goods: Such as high-end leather bags, wallets, business card holders, etc.

High-quality red wine: Choose from internationally renowned high-quality red wine.

Electronic products: such as smart watches, earphones, power banks, etc.

Beauty and skin care products: high-end skin care products or cosmetic sets.

Luxury trinkets: such as high-end scarves, ties, bow ties, etc.

Corporate customized gifts:

Company LOGO gifts: such as customized pens, notebooks, pendants, T-shirts, etc.

High-end office supplies: such as high-end pens, notebooks, folders, etc.


Cultural nuance: Considering the cultural nuance of China and Germany, gifts should respect German culture and customs, and avoid some gifts that may cause misunderstanding or discomfort.

Avoid being too extravagant: Avoid giving gifts that are too extravagant or too personal, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to the other party.

Exquisite packaging: Gifts should be carefully packaged to reflect the high-end and delicate gift, which can strengthen the good impression of customers.

When choosing gifts, it is best to understand the interests and preferences of customers in advance to ensure that the choice of gifts is appropriate and appropriate.

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