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What gift will my wife give her after giving birth?

First of all, congratulations to the landlord! To give gifts, first consider practicality. You must know that it is very hard to conceive in October, so it is recommended that when winter comes, you can buy a warm hot water bag, or fluffy and cute wool slippers or a scarf. Although it is not expensive, it can bring a little warmth to your lover. Sometimes a bowl of steaming chicken soup will be a surprise! To know that gifts are not about the price, but whether you have done it with your heart. Gifts made with your heart have a warm and warm taste of love!

baby gifts to send wife

Ten most popular gifts for babies?

1. Baby walking artifact

I searched for the word “artifact” with a baby on the shopping platform before, and came out of the baby walking cart. After buying it, I used it more to walk Dabao, because my mother liked to take Xiaobao. At that time, the baby walking cart was relatively popular, because it was super lightweight and super streamlined, so I didn’t have to worry about the problem of carrying the baby and carrying the car when I went out.

2. Portable crib

This recommendation is mainly recommended by my sister, but I bought it. At first, my sister thought this crib was not very useful, so why did I spend so much money to buy things for my children? Later, my sister took two babies at home all day, and my sister said that this crib saved her!

It is especially suitable for families with two children. It is not easy to get two children by one person, especially if you don’t want Dabao to feel neglected. You can usually put the little one in the crib without hugging it at any time. It can be pushed into the living room. You can accompany Dabao and watch Xiaobao. It is very convenient to sleep next to the big bed at night. It can be regarded as an artifact,

3. The bath basin that can sit and lie down

The bath of my two babies is completed by me or my wife alone, and the bath basin that can sit and lie down is very practical! Adjust the water temperature and put the baby in by one person. Although I applied for a bath card for the mother and baby shop, I didn’t go after only using it once. I still feel convenient and clean at home.

If you have a bath tub at home, you can directly buy a bath rack that the baby can sit and lie down on. It is economical and convenient to use! The money for another bath for the baby outside is enough. If the baby is older, you can directly remove the bath rack.

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