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What gifts do you bring back to Malaysia?

You can bring some local specialties back to China.

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1.) Malaysian white coffee – Coffee is one of the main specialties in Malaysia. Malaysia’s fried coffee process has its own characteristics, of course, it will also have its own unique fragrance.

2.) Horseshoe Crisp – The characteristic of Malaysian horseshoe crisps is that the inverted maltose can be kept soft and not hard. The crispy skin of the thousand layers is very delicious together.

3.) Dried Durian – This is a native product that many tourists like to buy. After all, fresh durians cannot be brought back to China, so they can only be brought back with dried durians.

4.) Thousand Miles Wind Chasing Oil – If there are elderly people at home, this can also be considered. The main function is to target rheumatic bone pain.

What gifts can I bring back to Malaysia?

You can bring a ceramic teapot back to China as a gift

The material of pottery has good air permeability and is suitable for Pu’er tea and black tea that will change in the later stage; the porcelain warehouse is graceful and luxurious, but its material is dense and airtight, which is more suitable for green tea “living”, adding a bit of literati’s artistic conception. The porcelain itself is not afraid of water, but it is easy to break. The teapot is rich in appearance and can be made into various shapes or fired into different sizes and colors, which is very ornamental.

What gifts can I bring back to Malaysia?

Malaysian souvenirs are usually eaten. In addition to bean paste cakes, there is also jerky. (Long Kee jerky – there are also bean paste cakes)

It is recommended to buy Malaysian coffee. (3-in-1 white coffee,

What gift should I give to my Malaysian friends?

Specific gift:

1. The little pottery doll has a unique Chinese atmosphere, which is the best thing for friends to miss when they are alone in a foreign land. When you see the pottery doll, you will think of your friends in your hometown, and you will think of the land you love so much. One day you will return to your hometown.

2. There are many cups abroad, but there is no good meaning for a lifetime abroad. Because it is the accumulation of thousands of years of culture in ancient China, every word is a beautiful legend, giving friends who go abroad the most beautiful and oldest parting vow.

3. Cute camera, style You can choose the style your friends like. Reason: far away from home, seeing things and thinking of people; easy to communicate, developed network; affordable, courtesy and courtesy.

4. Memories album, which contains some photos of friends from hometown and words of blessing. Living abroad can be lonely or even helpless, so friends can take out photo albums and look at photos, reminiscing about the good old days, which is definitely a spiritual comfort for friends, making them feel that they have a good friend by their side to support them.

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