Holiday gifts

What gifts does Sam like?

Pizza Pizza (wheat flour WheatFlourX1, tomato TomatoX1, cheese CheeseX1 obtained by cooking), cactus fruit CactusFruit, maple syrup sandwich donut MapleBar (maple syrup MapleSyrupX1, sugar SugarX1, wheat flour WheatFlourX1 obtained by cooking) Colorful Xiangshi PrismaticShard (mining), lucky rabbit feet RabbitsFoot.

sam club sending item as gift

Chongqing Sam Speed Delivery Rules?

First, ordinary delivery instructions

The shipping fee is the same city delivery standard, and cross-city delivery is not supported for the time being. When purchasing a gift card, how to buy other products together, other products can enjoy the free shipping policy as long as they are full of the free shipping standard; if you buy a gift card separately, the gift card will be regarded as a 0 yuan product and the corresponding shipping fee will be charged.

Second, Extreme Delivery Instructions

In case of force majeure such as bad weather and traffic control, the delivery will be postponed until the weather improves or the traffic resumes. It is not applicable to special order delivery.

How to use Walmart gift?

1. Associated gift card


Download the Walmart APP and open it.

Click “My Account” in the lower right corner


Select “My Gift Card” in “My Account”.

For the first time, set a payment password first, and click the last item “Set payment password” (you need to enter this payment password when making subsequent purchases).


After the payment password is successfully set, continue to select “Associated Entity Gift Card” in “My Account” – “My Gift Card”.


Add “Card Number” and “Card Password” and click Submit.

At this time, you can see the corresponding card balance in the account gift card.

Note: The card number and password are on the back of the physical card. The password is the “Online Payment Password” on the back.

Second, choose to pay for shopping.


After successfully binding the physical card, you can shop. After selecting the item you need to buy (the contact address will be set by you during this process, or you can set it in advance), click Confirm Payment, and select “Gift Card” for the payment method.

And enter the payment password (the payment password set before is not the password of the gift card).

Special reminder

The gift card has not been bound by other platforms before this.

You need to set the payment password of the APP. The payment password on the back of the gift card is only used as a binding.

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