Holiday gifts

What gifts should the unit give to employees?

The unit gives employees the following gifts, which are warm and practical:

best gifts to send employees

1. A necessary cervical spine massager for office workers.

Today’s young people are busy with work on the computer at work, and busy with games on the mobile phone after get off work. The cervical spine is under too much pressure. As a unit leader, he intimately sends employees a super practical cervical spine massager, which is small and lightweight, and can relax while working. Multi-speed massage of the neck, constant temperature heating, so that the cervical spine can be completely relaxed.

2. Muscle relaxation fascia gun.

Not only did I not feel relaxed when I got home after a busy day of work, but the soreness that came from the relaxation of the tense muscles made people extra tired. At this time, a fascia gun is needed to thoroughly massage the deep muscles, release body fatigue and relieve pain. This one is equipped with multiple massage heads, which easily massage all parts of the body, and 99-speed frequency conversion adjustment to meet various massage needs.

3. Eye massage eye protection device.

The continuous development of technology has made electronic products penetrate into all parts of life, which has indeed brought us convenience, but it has also brought a lot of work to the eyes. In the past, myopia was caused by serious study, and modern people have more eye problems because they face mobile phones and computers for a long time. This eye massage eye protector can relieve dry eyes, pain and other problems caused by excessive eye use, relax eye muscles and protect eye health. Employees must need such a practical and healthy gift.

Small gifts for employees?

There are many options for small gifts for employees. Here are some suggestions:

Personalized gifts: For example, customize a pen with employee’s name or thank you, or customize a notebook with company logo and thank you. Such gifts can make employees feel the care and attention of the company.

Health Care Gifts: Employees often sit for a long time at work and lack exercise, so giving some health care gifts can help employees improve their health. For example, giving a health bracelet, pedometer, health food, etc., such gifts are practical and considerate.

Fashion Accessories Gifts: Employees usually need some accessories to enhance their image and temperament, so giving some fashionable accessories gifts is also a good choice. For example, giving a silk scarf, tie, bracelet, etc., such gifts can make employees feel the attention and care of the company.

Food Gifts: Employees usually need some food to satisfy their appetite, so giving some food gifts is also a good choice. For example, giving a box of chocolates, a bag of coffee, a box of fruits, etc., such gifts can make employees feel the company’s care and care.

Creative gifts: Creative gifts are also a good choice, such gifts can bring surprises and happiness to employees. For example, giving a creative alarm clock, a creative water cup, a creative bookshelf, etc., such gifts can make employees feel the company’s creativity and care.

In short, small gifts for employees need to take into account the actual needs and preferences of employees, so that employees can feel the company’s care and attention, and at the same time motivate employees to work better.

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