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What is a giftcard and how is it used?

Gift Card GiftCard is a shopping card/voucher issued by foreign merchants. Amazon’s GC in the United States can be used to shop on Amazon. When checking out, choose to pay with GC, and then enter the password on the GC. Yamaxun will give priority to deducting the amount on the GC. If the amount on the GC is not enough to pay for the order, then enter the credit card to continue to pay for the rest of the order.

how to send a card with a gift on amazon

How to monetize Amazon gift cards quickly?

The quick monetization method is limited, but it can be realized through the following steps. 1. Resell Amazon gift cards to others or third-party platforms. Some websites, such as Raise and Cardpool, allow you to sell gift cards and get cash. But pay attention to safety, do not let the information leak and follow the platform’s regulations. 2. Use the gift card to buy items and then sell them. Use the gift card to buy items with a stable market on Amazon, such as cosmetics, electronic equipment, etc., and then sell them on other platforms to get cash. 3. Use the gift card to buy generators or other digital currencies, or hand it over to some digital currency trading platforms, convert it into other currencies according to the exchange rate of the trading platform, and get cash. Note: These methods are risky, please try them carefully.

How to use Amazon card?

1. Enter Amazon’s official website

2. To use the gift card, you need to recharge in my account now. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you also need to register an Amazon account 3 first. Amazon’s registration process is very simple. Fill in the registration email address. New and old customers choose different radio buttons. Here I am directly logged in 4. After successful login, you can see your nickname at the top of the website. For gift card recharge, you can directly click the gift card at the bottom right of the account to enter. You can also click [My Account] on the right side of the webpage to enter 5. Select [My Gift Card] 6 in the [My Account] Gift Card column. Enter the recharge code of the gift card in the text box, click [Recharge to My Account], and you can see the current balance 7 on the right. After the recharge is successful, you can go shopping, find your favorite item, and pay for it.

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