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What is a good gift for a friend’s birthday?

First, the best gift is to give “four things that can’t be dropped”, that is: you can’t eat it, you can’t use it, you can’t give it away, and you can’t throw it away. Such a gift is the most suitable for expressing your heart, and it is also the easiest to make the recipient feel happy, so that you can be grateful and unforgettable for a long time. From the perspective of the recipient of the gift, what is useful to them is not necessarily what makes them happy, but from the perspective of the giver. The purpose of giving gifts is not to bring much practical value to the recipient, but to make them appreciate you and remember you.

gifts to send best friend for birthday

Second, unique, creative, and personalized gifts are better. Such a gift can not only surprise and move the recipient, but also make him feel that you have spent a lot of thought and energy to prepare this gift for him, and the purpose of giving the gift is this. From this perspective, personalized handicrafts are a good choice. For example, I-shaped cartoon statues made of soft pottery according to the photos of the characters are popular with fashion people. Its advantage is that it is unique, can be stored forever, and can be washed with water. But the price is about 300 to 400 yuan, and you need to have a clear photo of the character, and you need to book at least one week in advance. In addition, there are personalized comic portraits, personalized crystal statues, personalized puzzles, personalized watches, personalized necklaces, personalized T-shirts, personalized cups, and so on.

Ranking of the top ten gifts for friends?

Tenth, a white general cigarette.

Ninth, a bucket of Jingzhi old white dried.

Eighth, a bucket of peanut oil.

Seventh, two bottles of small grinding sesame oil.

Sixth, always roast duck.

Fifth, a pig’s head.

Fourth, two catties of sea rice.

Third, a T-shirt.

Second, a brand-name cashmere sweater. First, a big red envelope.

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